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Xstocks - up on download page
eeek that doesnt look too good there.

behind the stockrow's i had an empty button and pm3 is the first skin where that doesnt look alright (i think that is what you mean by the extra texture).

anyway i figured out how to change it to a list behind the row instead of a button and it looks pretty good now in pm3 (also tested in pm2 and pm1).

the header row is actually a bunch of labels in front of a bunch of empty buttons (looks like you moved just the label and not the empty buttons) both are in that buildheaderrow function.

here's the update for pm3

(i still plan on redoing the graph screen one of these days)..
the overhaul of the graph screen i've been planning on doing for a very long time is finally done! thanks go to morphman for researching what you can do with yahoo finance charts.


checkout the other screens here

alot of small things were made better too. custom backgrounds are possible now (by adding background.png to the folder) and which portfolio you had selected is remembered too now.

the biggest change of course is the advanced options screen. i ended up adding almost every option that morphman found.
the radio-option-groups have enforced minimum and maximum number selected and the compare stocks can be moved between the selected list and the unselected list. there is also a little help label at the bottom that tells you what each option is.

i dont know what bollinger bands are exactly but the sure look neat! :-)

edit now hosted on, requires cvs newer than 06/14.

where you ever able to support european markents? are you able to see IBEX with this plugin?
salvi Wrote:where you ever able to support european markents? are you able to see IBEX with this plugin?

I installed it last night, and it's a very nice plugin Smile

Unfortunately, no IBEX or eu markets are available.
Does it support the new Interactive Flash Streaming charts from Yahoo?
does anyone experience problems with this script? I can't get scrape data from the yahoo finance site, although my stock ticker in my gnome-panel still works wich also scrapes from yahoo finance...
I'm using the atlantis build on an xbox with the lateste xstocks script (wich worked fine till 2 weeks ago)/
Is there any solution for those in the UK to see there stocks on this or a alternative? Would really like to wake up and swithc on TV and browse my stocks?

Xstocks - up on download page00