XBMC Custom Covers for Executor / Launcher
O Simpsons should be in there unless I missed uploading that one... the 2 I know I need to do still are transformers war for cybertron and front mission
Working on adding Fanart (1920x1080) for all the games now...

Marjanovich, thanks for the great work!

just a question.. you're using Executor and not Launcher, right?

Cause i can get only Executor to show the thumbnails..
Can't find any option in Launcher to show them!!
(I'm using dharma beta3 and night skin right now)

get the newest launchner version from this tread


then it works fine for me with dharma 3
Now just add a launcher for XBMC from HyperSpin and your computer will implode!
good idea, just hoping it doesn't really implode Big Grin

thanks for the link.. is it the solution Marjanovich is using?

im not sure what he is using. but both solutions work. im not quiet sure wich is the better one. currently im using executor and it works quite fine.
and im launching hypersin from xbmc and have no problems at all. runs great exits back to xbmc, no performance issue..
Launcher for me, tried executor back when it was having spacing issues and not playing well with x64 win 7 so i dont know if they resolved those issues but have been doing most of the recent screengrabs with angelscy's modified launcher codebase and either the launcher panels view in Alaska or a Modified version of Night
Damon "Demios" Marjanovich
XBMC System - AMD x6 4.2gHz, 16gb DDR3, SLI Nvidia 465, 12tb Sata 6gbps HDDs, 5tb USB 3.0 external HDDs What's behind your xbmc?
Thanks Marjanovich, i've installed angelscry mod. When i get some time, i'll test it!!

good gaming Smile
Seems the link is down. And I'm not able to set thumbs for the launcher in dharma beta 4.
Has anyone else had any luck with that?
marjanovich Wrote:Night Skin (Dharma) and its just a built in view...

I'm uploading them now...

The Gallery & Downloads are available from http://vayl.net/index.php?/gallery/ and no you do not have to register or anything to get the images... just click on a pic and hit the download button for the full resolution version. I'm doing about 20 an hour or so... whenever my kids allow me on the computer.

And currently only working on games that will successfully launch and play through XBMC with gamepad support (LOL, meeting my needs first of course)

I can't seem to find these on your web site. Has it been removed?

This is really impressive work and the best resource I can find for game art. I hope you keep it up.
I'll try and reupload em did a spring cleaning on my domain recently so some folder names may have been renamed/deleted.

If I hadn't been drinking so much this evening (new years) i'd do it right now, didn't realize there was any interest any more once advanced launcher started auto pulling images from other sites, sorry. I'll see what I can put together for ya this weekend.

found a storage online where I had em...

Damon "Demios" Marjanovich
XBMC System - AMD x6 4.2gHz, 16gb DDR3, SLI Nvidia 465, 12tb Sata 6gbps HDDs, 5tb USB 3.0 external HDDs What's behind your xbmc?
Thank you very much mate!!

I in particular like yours because they are hi res. The ones that launcher downloads from allgames are very low resolution.

In addition I like the mouse vs controller icon at the top. It is a great aid to know when you have to whip out the wireless keyboard.

Thank you for your work on this. There have been so many failed projects to aggregate game cover art and fanart (including the sticky one at the top of this forum) that I think your work might be the best and deserves top get properly hosted and scraped by launcher and others with allgames being only used as a backup. I am not sure why this thread never got the attention it deserves.
Also, are you still open to requests? I just downloaded a torrent with the top 20 games of 2010 from Demonoid (156 gigs, wow) and would love to see those with the same type of artwork you have developed. PM me if you want the link to that torrent to see which ones are there.
Ranger here's some of the ones on the listing you were seeking...
Mafia II
Mass Effect 2 (with alternate)
Metro 2033

I'll make whatever doesn't already exist in the archives when my kids go down for a nap or when i can get a moment
Damon "Demios" Marjanovich
XBMC System - AMD x6 4.2gHz, 16gb DDR3, SLI Nvidia 465, 12tb Sata 6gbps HDDs, 5tb USB 3.0 external HDDs What's behind your xbmc?
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