XBMC can't connect to computer on wireless network; boxee can?

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One of my Revo boxes is at my girlfriend's place. I just reinstalled Darma Live Beta 2 on it, and was hoping to connect to a share on her desktop computer. That computer happens to have wireless G as the only way it connects to the network. The Revo is connected straight into the router. When trying to add a new video source, I choose SMB and then click Browse. It finds Workgroup, which I clicked on, but it after that (I have tried many times) it times out on finding the computer name. I tried manually adding a network place with her computer name, which doesn't work either.

So I turned on the AppleTV (also connected directly to the router) and fired up Boxee and it's able to connect to the system no problem. I can imagine that wireless has a lot to do with it, but is it possible that XBMC's ability to connect to a weak signal is inferior to Boxee? What would account for the difference?
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