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Change transparency effect in Confluence
Hello. How can I change the transparency effect (or the colour) in the "fanart" view of movies, so that the plot doesn't obscure the fanart picture so much?

I know there are some mods but I would really like to do it myself... Anyone can give me some clues?

It would be nice to change the general transparency effect on all confluence windows, but I'm particularly interested in the movies-fanart view.
depends on what view you mean post a screen shot and I can tell you exactly but here are the 2 different ways

1) edit the actual image of the skin and make it more trasperant (required the skins source code and will effect a lot more so I don't recommend this)

2) fine the image in the code and add somthing like this to it control <colordiffuse>BBFFFFFF</colordiffuse> changing the BB to other hexadecimal numbers will effect the transperancy of the image FF is completely visible 00 is completely gone
Hi There

I wanted to do exactly this.

Make sure you backup ViewsVideoLibrary.xml and then around line 448 add in the <colordiffuse>88FFFFFF</colordiffuse> entry.

(For future reference in Dharma this is in /usr/share/xbmc/addons/skin.confluence/720p/ViewsVideoLibrary.xml)

Exit / Reload xbmc and you should have a lighter backdrop to the info panel so you can see the fan art.

I've also modified the Home.xml file in the same way so I can see fanart.

Change the 88 to a lower number to make it more transparent as mentioned above.

ALWAYS backup the file first just in case.


This worked great, just having some problem finding what is what.

Does anyone know how to change the transparency of the Home menu? I find it a bit dark with Confluence, it's because my lamp to the projector is running low, and I won't get a new one in 4 weeks! =(
using xbmc on ios/atv2 there is no xbmc folder in /usr/share/

found skin.confluence folder in applications/xbmc.frappliance

changed every colordiffuse entry in the files mentioned above to 00FFFFFF but it has no effect

any hints anyone?
use influence skin
Bit of a thread revival here but can someone point me in the right direction to achieve this on Eden Beta 3?

I've hunted though the /usr/share/xbmc/addons/skin.confluence/media directory for png's that look like they could be the panel background and thought ContentPanel.png would be the one so searched ViewsVideoLibrary.xml and found ContentPanel.png at line 414, added
to the image attribute and restarted XBMC - this had no effect.

I then put a funky pink squiggle in the PNG and uploaded that to the dir above, overwriting the original (after taking a backup) and rebooted again, seems either I have the wrong copy of the file or the wrong file all together - I'm sure for someone that's dabbled in skinning before the answer is easy but any help from anyone here would be greatly appreciated!

Ok a bit of a breakthrough, doing the above XML edit achieves the desired effect when viewing my movies using the "FanArt" view but when I toggle to Media Info / Media Info 2 etc. the transparency is lost.

Change transparency effect in Confluence00