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Could anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?
It either (forgot which one with this code, will confirm when I get home) displays "url" or "" as plot, but never "test".

<GetDetails dest="7">
   <RegExp input="$$2" output="&lt;plot&gt;&lt;url function=&quot;GoGoogle&quot;&gt;;/url&gt;&lt;/plot&gt;" dest="4+">

   <RegExp input="$$1" output="test" dest="3">
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you seem to have misunderstood a bit. you can't chain within xml tags. each called function needs to return xml in the format <details>..</details>. the outputs you seek is

<details><url function="GoGoogle">..</url></details> from GetDetails
<details><plot>test</plot></details> from GoGoogle

the outputs are processed additively. i.e. if a tag is set in both GetDetails and GoGoogle, the GoGoogle value takes precedence since it is processed last.
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