Pre 1.1 Changelog

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Many things have been changed regarding compatibility issues with the new Addon system. I'll update this as often as possible until release of the 1.1 build.

Quote:Pre 1.1.0
- Fixed some labels in English strings.xml
- Fixed ProfileTag label positions
- Moved ProfileTag code to Window_Contents.xml
- Changed 'Mini Recently Added' to 'ProfileTag' and moved it to Toggles>Media
- Removed Panel Views for now
- Added 'Pause' indication to slideshow
- Fixed Include_Categories-Recently-Added.xml so Mini Recently Added would show proper information
- Updated Animated logo
- Fixed MyPics.xml Options Controls
- Added SlideShow.xml
- Added mcborzu's 'Episode Panels' view to TV Show Views (requires script.logo.downloader)
- Added "Minutes" text to the Video Info Screens
- Updated DialogSelect.xml for selecting Addons
- Added addon.xml script requirements (script.recentlyadded, script.xbmc.subtitles, script.favourites, script.logo-downloader)
- Fixed Addon Browser
- Fixed Volume Label 'dB' not Showing
- Fixed DialogAddonSettings.xml to show Addon Info
- Added DialogAddonSettings.xml, DialogTextViewer.xml, AddonBrowser.xml, DialogAddonInfo.xml, DefaultAddon.png, DefaultAddonNone.png
- Removed DialogPluginSettings.xml, DialogScriptInfo.xml, MusicOSDVisSettings.xml, MyScripts.xml, DefaultScript.png
- Removed Everything 'Script' related from the skin, also removed XBMC Live and changed default mini logo to include TBB Badge
- Added addon.xml, LICENSE.txt, icon.png, description.xml and fixed Build Skin.bat to reflect changes
- Added Mini Recently Added on Home Window (credit to yzack_1983 for the original coding)
- Fixed SettingsCategory.xml alignment issues by removing <width> controls
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