Can't create new smart playlist with gui
I'm using Dharma 2 with Aeon MQ2.

In the Playlist menu, when I click on New Smart Playlist nothing happens.
I can create playlists with text files, they display, and I can edit those in the GUI, but not create new ones.

Any suggestions appreciated.
It seems as if something is broke for some of us as you are the third to report this problem. Have you tried any other skins? For me it doesn't matter what skin I use I have the same problem as you describe. Could you make a log and post it so that the XBMC coders can look at it to maybe see where the problem lies. I posted mine and Spiff said there was a problem somewhere. I also posted a trac it for the apparent bug.

Thank you for your reply. I'm a complete noob - how do I retrieve the log of the issue?
You need to turn logging on through your settings when you are running XBMC. You'll know it is on because you will see a line of information pop up on your screen. It will stay there until you turn logging off. From there go an try to make a smart playlist. Close XBMC and go look for the XBMC.log. I think it is in the users/--->/Roaming/XBMC/ path. I am not sure about that though at the present time as I am not in front of my pc. If it is not, do a search for it.
Once you find it you can post it on a site like pastebin (don't post it in these forums). Copy the url of the log file and paste that into your next post here.
If you follow the instructions in this link:
you should be good to go!
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Can't create new smart playlist with gui00
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