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Slow scrolling on views when no fanart is found.
I've always liked this skin a lot, but one thing is really holding me back from using it as my primary skin.

Specifically in the music artist list views, when scrolling through artists that have fanart it's fast, but when I run into an artist without fanart (there are a lot... I have 580 ish artists) it pauses everything for a second or more while it figures out which background to paint and paints it. It's a little faster when I use a single background, but not much... it still lags.

I don't notice that problem on other skins, so there's likely a quicker way to do it.

Thanks ronie!
can't reproduce, sorry.
just to be sure, you're using library mode, right?
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Sorry for posting that again... I did a quick search, but I guess I didn't specify enough or drill into just transparency.

Yeah I'm using library mode (with DDS turned on). It's only noticeable on music since there are a bunch of artists with no fan art. I'd imagine the problem remains on the movies/tvshow views as well, but I don't have any without fanart.

I'll try manually converting my background folders to dds. Looks like that'll solve it until the DDS bugs are repaired later on.

Thanks for the help.
It may be related to this ?

Slow scrolling on views when no fanart is found.00