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IR USB Receiver for XBMC Live
I'm in the market for a USB IR receiver that will work out of the box with XBMC live. I have heard that the HP IR USB receivers are the best for this area. I was searching the web and found these two:

Is there any difference between these two, or would they both just work in Live without needing to do any extra work?

Also, if you know of anywhere else where they can be found cheaper...don't hesitate to let me know. Smile


edit: I'm going to be using it with a Harmony 520 if that makes a difference.
Interested in this as well.....
I bought just that HP-receiver and it works fine in live with Logitech Harmony One. So I´d say those both work. Those receiver´s can be found on ebay, so don´t buy extra for the remote if you don´t need it.
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I got an HP USB IR receiver off ebay for $9 US Smile

Hope it doesn't give me any problems.
It looks like its just different remotes.
I suggest paying a little less for one without a remote since the Harmony will do the trick:

If you are scared of ebay that one on Amazon looks legit.
I'm getting a little nervous because I jumped the gun and bought this one:

It looks slightly different than the one you linked above. You think it would still be compatible with my Harmony One?
I don't know honestly, but it looks close enough so it should be ok....
I have been reading here a lot and am looking into buying the shuttle xs35gt.

I also want to be able to use my Harmony with the xbmc live version. Do you think the following Ir receiver will be compatible out of the box?

Any help is very much appreciated.
using xbmcFreak that HP or MIcrosoft IR receiver work right out of the box if your remote is
  • a. MCE branded
  • b. Logitech/ Harmony programmed as a MCE remote

Will pretty much any universal remote with the MCE IR codes work with these ebay HP or MS IR receivers? I use a URC MX-850

Thanks, Matt
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I bought a HP USB MCE ir receiver and tried to get it working with my Asrock ION330, so far no luck. When i use my programmed Harmony One(MCE programmed) i see the red light lighting up but nothing happens.

I got XBMC live installed and i when i SSH to the machine and do a "lsusb" i don't see the IR receiver listed. Do i need to install seperate drivers for XBMC live?
well, what is the output of lsusb? is LIRC installed?
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LIRC is installed. I can't show the output of lsusb at the moment because iam at work. But i will post it as soon as i get home. But no HP device was listed there.

I bought the receiver of ebay:
I have a similar ir receiver and IIRC it shows up as a Philips device in lsusb.

What does your /etc/lirc/hardware.conf look like?


IR USB Receiver for XBMC Live00