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(2012-04-05, 00:21)TeKo Wrote: Streams always freeze after some secs.

Weird.. They work fine for me for hours!
cant get this to work, after entering livestreams, and selecting a stream, it just says loading, and it stays like that for very long before it dissapares then nothing happens, get no error message either

just 12.0 alpha
TV: UE55F8005
XBMC: Mac mini 2012 with windows 8.1
SOUND: Sonos playbar + Sonos Sub + 2x Rear Play: 3
Hey love the addon, but it would really be awesome if you could add a category for Dota 2!

#34 did some changes to the website and now the plugin doesn't work anymore.

Anyone fork it again please? Big Grin

I love this plugin Smile
(2012-05-24, 21:27)Slaps Wrote: did some changes to the website and now the plugin doesn't work anymore.

Anyone fork it again please? Big Grin

I love this plugin Smile

I'm too lazy to setup a github account, so Vrok can update his fork when he sees this.

Since I only use the livestreams, I didn't look at the rest of the plugin. You need to make two changes to 'fix' the livestreaming portion though. There is still an issue that it will only show the first page of results from own3d, which is only the top 12 streams.

Anyway, open your and change two lines in the "def ListLive(gameid)" function
  • regexpr = 'Opacity">\s.+<a rel="(\d+)".+\s+([a-zA-Z ]+)'
  • a=re.compile(regexpr) (you're just deleting the re.S part)

I would recommend copy/pasting the regexpr line cause it has to be exactly that to work.
I changed it in github as per your instructions. Didn't test it though yet. Will do later
Thanks Probeh for the fix and Vrok for the github update.

I'm also experiencing an issue where all the regular videos on not showing up at all. Not even the lists.

Are those also affected? It worked 2 days ago and now they're all gone except for the Live streams (they're showing now with the fix).
Woho the livestreams works now.

Thank you all! Big Grin
I've created a new own3Dtv plugin. The code is still a little messy but all my originally planned features have been implemented and it seems stable enough for release.

List most popular live streams.
List live streams by game.
Search live streams.
Save streams to favorites. (Right Click)
Indication if favorites are Live/Offline.

Nice work EngineeredChaos :] Now atleast I'd be able to watch GuardsmanBob whenever he pops up with notification.

<3 Keep up the good work.
Thanks EngineeredChaos...but I am having a problem...

It pulls the live streams and shows me the list along with thumbnails, but I can't do anything with the list...selecting a stream does nothing...
Hmm, It's still working on my end. Can you check your log and see if it says "CDN Not Recognized! Aborting." I've got another version that handles cdn recognition better that should be done within the hour.

I've pushed out version 0.1.2. This may fix your issue.
Thanks for the quick response and frequent updates. Still not working with the new build, I will pull the logs when I get home from work tonight. I was just assuming I was doing something wrong Smile

Edit: Wrong Thread.
I'm pretty sure any buffering problems are out of my plugin's control. I just hand XBMC a link to the content and it performs all playback functions. If I can figure out how to do some form of latency testing in python I could start using that as I criteria for selecting a content server. This probably wouldn't help you much though if problems don't start until playback has been going on for a while. Does stopping and restarting the stream solve the buffering issue?

Seems like Rebecca's post is spam. I'd be interested if there's any legitimate problems with buffering, although I'm still not sure I'd be able to do anything.
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