XBMCfreak iso installed full Ubuntu desktop
I've used XBMCfreak's .isos in the past and they've always been LiveCDs. However, this time around I ended up install the full desktop version of Ubuntu instead.

I originally tried installing the XBMCfreak .iso, but GRUB was unable to install to /target/. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I ended up installing full Ubuntu 10.04 to the media center in order to get GRUB working right (it’s a hack, I know). Then I installed the custom LiveCD from a USB stick and everything went smoothly. Now GRUB boots into the XBMC install, but instead of launching directly into XBMC it boots into Ubuntu and I have to start XBMC up manually.

So I have 2 Ubuntu installs: one that is just plain old Ubuntu, and a slightly customized one with XBMC preinstalled. I would ideally have only XBMClive installed on the box.

Does anyone know what happened? Is this normal?
i dont know what happened, but in ubuntu you can set it to automatically log on.
menu > system > administration > login screen

you can also set which desktop environment you want to log on to. xbmc should be an option here. if you log out, you'll get to your log on screen, and there should be some option down at the bottom that allows you to select xbmc. it'll automatically use the last environment (or there's an obvious option to allow it, i cant remember). so, next time to boot you'll go straight to xbmc on your new ubuntu version.
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XBMCfreak iso installed full Ubuntu desktop00
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