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great skin, please add the fanart option in music visualization
feerlessleadr Wrote:I mentioned it before, but I think the 'ExtraFanart' feature that Night currently has implemented is pretty cool.

I believe there is an extra folder in the root of the TV or Movie called Extrafanart, and the skin will then cycle through the images in that folder. I don't believe there is a naming convention for them.

I just realised you can already have this functionality: make a folder (anywhere) with your images, go system-skin-Background Customizer and you can select "multiimage" which will then ask you to choose a folder location.

Hehe, I didn't even know that was there!
I'd like to see Cirrus on the official repository, for one. An automatic clearart / TV logo downloader would be nice too.

edit - or at least an option under "TV Show info" to download clearart & logo
I have the following request but stupidly posted it in the release thread. I'm posting it again here since this is where it really belongs.

Quote:Really liking Cirrus, but there's one thing missing. In movie info, would you make it so that you can either navigate up to the cast list or add another button down by the trailers button that will bring up the the cast list. Two reasons for this:

1. so we can scroll through and see the entire cast list
2. it will allow us to click on an actor and see all the movies we have with them in it.

Most skins do this and clicking on an actor is a great XBMC feature IMO that I do use. Any chance this can get added?
Great Skin. The one thing that I saw that needed fixing was the fact that when Movie cases is enabled, it can't tell the difference between DVD and BluRay. Other words, all movies are stamped with a DVD case.
I'd like to see the Youtube addon screens a bit altered, would it be possible to include the Channelname + how long ago a video was released to the "New Subscription Videos" Screen? I already talked with the addon author and he said it he can't do it, it must be done by the skin (
Hi Crookas, downloaded and tested a bit cirrus 2.0 and must say it rocks!
A suggestion: Would it be possible to add the Movies Fanart View to the Programs section?
I really would do that by myself, but my xml. attributes are very limited and i think that would take me a lot of time. So if you could take it in consideration i would be grateful. Thanx again for this fast and fantastic looking skin.
very nice update!

few requests for future additions/changes:

* plot overlays studioflag in bigposterview
* bigposterview: display title of the movie where year/duration is and move that info to where genre is and have two lines there. over coverflow "title of movie" below coverflow "year/duration" below year/duration put genre.
* possibility to put a small extrasthumb in bigposterview above studioflag and crop plot ~75% of what it is now.

* tv fanart view. perhaps move studioflag out of the fanartbox as it's seldom "centered" and looks akward in alot of cases due to this. perhaps move it to the left of the fanartbox (next to first aired)

* in tv fanart view. is the line above the coverflow in use for anything? if it's for rss it's not working on my end.

these are just some personal requests Smile not sure if you are taking requests so let me know if more is wanted. | EFnet #EmuXtras
i upgraded yesterday to Cirrus 2.0 and saw the new banner view in tv section.
Since my default layout for tvShows inside my folders are:
folder.jpg (Poster)

With this setup in Bannerview there will be of cource stretched Posters and no Banners.
Just changed 2 lines in "ViewsVideoBannerwall.xml" so now it catches banner.jpg for the Bannerview.

Maybe someone have same setup like me and like to use it.
Just make a backup of this file in your 720p folder and overwrite the old with the downloaded file
download in Modsection

Hope its ok to modify and post it,if not i delete it asap.
What would be a really cool feature is if you could integrate the TVTunes Script into Cirrus - TVTunes Thread

This gives the browsing experience the extra touch.
Ill try to implement this myself but since i have no clue of this things iam not sure if iwill make it,but i try.

Second Suggestion would be Extrafanart in TV Section,its a pretty cool thing too.
Ill try this too ....

but if you know how to do this things it would be nice if you can implement this as an option or so,would be great.


Edit:Got the TVtunes to work,but its just dirty copy and paste,will try if its all working like it should and if interest is there,ill post it.
Edit: Ok ill post this and some other things later in the mod section,just need to test a little bit more ...
I use the Horizontal-Low Main Menu.

Where can I change the text on menu?

I would like to change TV shows to TV Shows. I think it would look better.
i have a problem with the homescreen.
In older Cirrus Release there was an option for enable Scripts in Homescreen,this is missing for me in 2.0

If you look at THIS Picture
you see i have a emtpy Space under System and i dont know how to s olve this problem.

Any help out there?

thx in advance ...
Malexx Wrote:i have a problem with the homescreen.
In older Cirrus Release there was an option for enable Scripts in Homescreen,this is missing for me in 2.0

If you look at THIS Picture
you see i have a emtpy Space under System and i dont know how to s olve this problem.

Any help out there?

thx in advance ...

Scripts doesn't exist anymore - its been merged with programs.

I don't know why that space is there, I may have to have a look at the numbering of home menu items since I removed scripts.
would be nice.
I just have TV SHows and Movies enabled in Home Menue
Another Suggestion.

I just tried the Advanced LAuncher Plugin for starting PCGames from XBMC.
This Plugin just doesnt work right out of the Box with Cirrus.
What about an extra View for Games like there is for Alaska?
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