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[Closed] TvTunes Addon
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download it on official repository

I'm proud to bring this addon to you !

It has 2 way to work !
  • It will help you do select and download your favorites TvShow Themes and save them to "theme.mp3" in your TvShow folder.
  • It will work as backend, launched by compatible skin, and make xbmc play theme when you enter a TvShow.

It use http://www.televisiontunes.com to search and get your Tv Show themes.
You can launch it from programs addons, it will scan your Tv Show library and will present to you search result with Tv Show title, when you select a result, it will play it and ask if you want to download it, if not, you came back to the list to select another result.
if you don't find it in the list, you can do manual search (better result with original title)
if you can't find a theme for a Tv Show, press back on the listing, the Tv Show will be skipped, and continu to the next one.

When integrate in skin, it will automatically launch and stop when entering/exiting your video library, no extra cpu needed, works well on atom box.

Here is a short video preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l4uDyFkrK0

- Skinners informations,easy skin integration:
will automatically launch when browsing videolibrary, automaticaly end when playing video or exiting video library
add this button in MyVideoNav.xml:

<control type="button" id="9999">
change the defaultcontrol to 9999 (or id you want for this control) and put your previous defaultcontrol in SefFocus()
loop can be True or False if you want or not to repeat the theme in loop while browsing in the tv show.

you can also use this visible condition to prevent activating visualisation or music baground fanart:

for solo mode, you can add a button on dialogvideoinfo.xml with this:
probably won't work on episode level.
For Skinners:

Best to have the button be an include condition:

PHP Code:
<control type="button" id="9999">

PHP Code:
<include name="no_tv_theme">

Since it'll stop music playback in Video Library and people might like to uncheck TV themes and listen to music...This allows for both options. Also no need for XBMC to try and run the script if it's not there.

Check out The Carmichael - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Night - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Unfinished - A Skin For XBMC
All works for me except the Loop. If it is set to "true". it doesnt run it at all.
To learn more, click here.
it's possible to deactivate if something is currently playing, you want?
igotdvds Wrote:All works for me except the Loop. If it is set to "true". it doesnt run it at all.

it doesn't read any theme ?
ppic Wrote:loop=True

would it be possible to add this to the addon settings,
so the end-user can choose whether loop is enabled or not?

great addon btw. ;-)
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ppic Wrote:it doesn't read any theme ?

No, actually its running, but some themes dont play at all. They have the theme.mp3, they just dont play.
To learn more, click here.
and if loop=false, they play well ?

@ronie: possible, i'll see that Wink
ok there was an error on loop setting.
i'll make it an option in addon settings
- moved loop in addon setting.
I thought abouot something like this once before, and now you've made it! Excellent.

Is it compatible with:
Dharma Beta 3 (XBMCFreak)
Aeon MQ2

Also, not sure if it could be a conditional rule, but would it be possible to play the theme at a lower volume? I would want it to be more like "browsing" music, rather than theme tune playing at the full volume.

Great work

yes i plan to add this kind of things Wink
its working with

Night skin > xbmcFreak Beta3...

the volume is rather high for these.
I can try and use a program in windows to lower the volume of each theme song.

what if i put a setting ?

you choose beetween 0-100 the volume you want theme to be playing?

(i would like to set a downvolume auto, but seems we can't know the current volume, or i didn't find it)
Amazing if you do. Should be low level volume. In some skins max volume is 0.0db, so why not downvolume auto to -10.0db or such? My XBMC volume is always full, i use TV volume to control the level, so halfing the XBMC volume fot theme should work in my case. (HDMI passthrough to TV only)

Maybe allowing a selectable volume level may work, so people with 5.1 etc can set a level that works best for them etc.
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[Closed] TvTunes Addon5
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