ProjectM crashes XBMC Dharma Beta3?

Have an XBMC setup, Ubuntu 10.04, Dharma Beta 3. All working fine.
All media on SMB shares.

My only problem is projectM visualisation: this crashes XBMC immediately when it launches, With nothing sensible in the debug log either:

Quote:14:02:24 T:3055548288 M:1099710464 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (Home.xml) ------
14:02:25 T:3055548288 M:1099710464 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (MusicVisualisation.xml) ------
14:02:25 T:3055548288 M:1099710464 INFO: Loading skin file: MusicVisualisation.xml
14:02:25 T:3055548288 M:1099710464 DEBUG: Load MusicVisualisation.xml: 15.96ms
14:02:25 T:3055548288 M:1099710464 DEBUG: Alloc resources: 16.94ms (16.67 ms skin load)
14:02:25 T:3055548288 M:1099710464 DEBUG: ADDON: Dll Initializing - projectM
14:02:25 T:3055548288 M:1099710464 DEBUG: SECTION:LoadDLL(/usr/lib/xbmc/addons/visualization.projectm/projectM.vis)
14:02:25 T:3055548288 M:1099710464 DEBUG: Loading: /usr/lib/xbmc/addons/visualization.projectm/projectM.vis

The only thing I noticed which was perhaps wrong was that in userdata/visualisations/projectM.conf the "Preset Path" setting pointed to a directory which did not exist.

I changed it to point at /usr/share/xbmc/addons/visualization.projectm (which does exist) - crashed anyway. I also tried /usr/share/xbmc/addons/visualization.projectm/resources which is where is - crashed. Then just for the fun I tried unzipping all the presets from into that dir too ... still crashes.

So ... any ideas as to what might be wrong? Dharma installed from the PPA and not built from source, in case that matters.

Where's the crashlog?
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Searched the bug list.

This looks to be the same as Trac issue #9556.
I also have user profiles enabled.
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