XBMC and touch screens?

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tvieson Offline
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Question  XBMC and touch screens?
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Has anybody had any experience with XBMC and a touch screen setup. I am looking at 3 different cases.

1 From Thermaltake
1 From Zalman
1 From Moneual

The purpose being that even with the TV off. I could use the touch screen to start up some music for guest.

A touch screen case is pretty expensive. So I would like to know if this is even a possibility before spending $500 dollars on a case.
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misterpink Offline
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If that is the only purpose, a much more cost effective (and portable) solution would be an ipod touch and XBMC Remote.
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dcallebaut Offline
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I have a 17" eGalax touch with a Raspberry Pi. I noticed that most "ubuntu" or "debian" derived Rasp-Pi distros support the touch out of the box which is great. However when using XBMC (since it's running in framebuffer) does not work. I was wondering where I can help (although I'm not a developer) or what I have to do to have the core development team of XBMC to look at this?

Any ideas are welcome...

PS: There a a zillion blogs, tutorials, etc out there discussing how to get it working. Trust me: I've tried them all without any luck (been trying for almost 3 months now :'( ).

Any help, tips, suggestions are welcome!
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