RSYNC - Syncronize and backup media data over the network to XBMC
i am looking for a rsync python for xbox so that i can be lasy and back up various stuff from my xbox, such as saved games / thumbs / shortcuts etc.

i found a an exising python script that may be a feisable port

thanks ibru
i want an xbox in each room.

i want xbmc to be able to list other lan xbmc instances on other xboxes (like xblive).

i want to know what those instances are doing (video, music, etc).

i want to be able to sync/unsync to that.

thats all i ask.
add me up
you noobies sure ask for a lot considering you've probably used the product ~10 minutes and have not contributed to the community yet, right?


this has been and is being discussed via an ajax interface. it will happen but it will be a little while for development.

search on ajax and you'll find it.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
(affini @ april 26 2006,00:29 Wrote:you noobies sure ask for a lot considering you've probably used the product ~10 minutes and have not contributed to the community yet, right?
thanks for the positive response. i appreciate the condescending tone. i misjudged my inferiority. you are my daddy.
nsmoller, shut the hell up.
you have probably never or attempted to; contribute to xbmc in anyway, so please locate the off button (you may find it on the front of your pc, but if all else fails just cut all the wires at the back of your pc), and sell the pc to a more worthy user.
whilst we're auctioning off your belongings, please sell your xbox to someone who will appreciate the time and work put into xbmc, and not come requesting (or you seemed to be more demanding 'i want...') pointless novelty features.

---yours flamingily---

i'm rubber and your glue

i have contributed to this community by using the software, tool.

remember there are m$ products that stole ideas from xbmc and are competing with xbmc.

as for "pointless novelty features"...

currently xbmc on a modded box is a replacement for a set top media box that can stream from your pc. it has obvious advantages, but if you pay enough (only a hundred or 2 more), you can get equally functioning product that looks sleeker w/o modding your case.

my suggestions would push the xbmc machines ahead of these mediocre devices by far, and have it rival with expensive & complex high end devices.

imagine having xbmc, but be able to treat it as a controller for multi-room/zoned features. wife's in the kitchen she can set the house to listen the same track so as she moves about she hears it all.

people are in the kitchen, see you are in living room watching a movie & decide to start watching at the same time as you.

so this seems to be less of a "novelty" and more of a vision on what xbmc could evolve into. local use of xbmc is great, but its not too long till windows media center accomplishes these suggestions, and i replace xboxes with miniitx media center pcs.

but then of course, jaxter - you want me to sell my stuff because i'm not worthy.

forgive me for my sarcastic post initially, stating "all i want, all i ask for, etc etc", the humor in it may not have come through

and jaxter, bite me

itunes has this capability... see this from discussion on forum

your system (as you described it) lacks two things:

1. a `push' capability - i.e. the ability to select the music being played in a different room, and
2. the ability to synchronise the music in multiple locations.

apple could add both of these very easily with two modifications to itunes. the first would allow a computer running itunes to be set as a slave - the machine would appear as an airport express station to other instances of itunes on the local network. the second would allow you to send a stream to multiple locations (airport express nodes, slaved itunes clients and your own speakers). i honestly don't know why these features aren't in itunes already.
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by mr i want to go home (610257) on tuesday february 01, @04:42pm (#11544145)
itunes has both these capabilities.

1. requires airport express. you name the airport express(es) as "living room", "kitchen", etc. you can then select these from any wi-fi mac and stream to each one (ie - push). airport express has digital audio-out, btw.

2. you only need one central music library really. you then share that library with itunes. any other copies of itunes on the network (mac or pc) can the see that library and any playlists on it, and play music from it. i haven't noticed any lag when playing music shared this way, even over wireless networks even with 3 or 4 people sharing.

if you require true synchronisation of multiple libraries, then a little rsync is your friend. here's the options i use to keep my 2 libraries in sync (note: i only add music on one machine, so this is a one way sync) - i'm not sure what slashcode will do to the following, so you may have to remove spaces...

rsync -v -r -c --ignore-existing --rsh="ssh" /users/my_local_account/music/itunes [email protected]_name_or_ip_address:/users/my_account_o n_the_server/music/

the one thing that itunes lacks that annoys me is the ability to remotely control another copy of itunes (like on the server) from my laptop. i actually have a script to do this through the shell, but i'd really like to be doing it through the itunes interface.
ahem. well just got home and im up for a bit more flaming so here goes:

firstly what you say is completely 100% wrong, simply downloading software does not mean you are helping xbmc in any way whatsoever. google video link proving this point

also, writing microsoft like so; m$, does not make you 1337, or cool, or hip, or trendy, or show that you posess a single brain cell.

Quote:(only a hundred or 2 more)
yes because i want to pay £250 for something that is "futuristic" and silver, but does no more (if less) than my xbox which i can buy for £50.

as for those features, if your wife wants to know whats on in the living room she can just get off her fat arse and come in, surely.

Quote:but then of course, jaxter - you want me to sell my stuff because i'm not worthy.
well yeah thats what i said wasnt it Rolleyes

as for that itunes crap that you posted, in case you didnt notice (judging by your obvious lack of knowledge of anything and everything, i doubt you did) that was for an os (operating system to your puny mind), xbmc is a program, not an os.

i have no idea why people would want to sync the playing medida either. why have two xbox when you can just run speakers all aorund the house and control the one xbox frmo any wifi enabled device with a browser.
sorry to step on your toes, jaxter, but i agree with the feature request.

a) it was a request. if he knew how to do it himself, he probably would have and the post would have something to the effect of "hey guys, look what i did" and i would download whatever he had created
b) i do believe requests are allowed to be made (even if you don't like each request) for features that would add to the usefulness of the software. maybe the first post could have been worded a little differently, but i personally would love to see this feature added to xbmc (if it's possible)
c) i'm not really sure why it is that you think that you (of all people) get to decide which requests are "pointless novelty features" and which are "important" (i guess). for my use of the xbmc software, the ability to play video games is a pointless novelty feature. i have 6 xboxes running xbmc in my house and they are only ever used for videos and music. synchronizing them would be ideal.

thanks for posting this nsmoller - i'm not sure if it could be done with just a script, and i'm not so sure the xbox would be able to stream something quite as complex as a dvd but i'm sure that at least music could be done in some way.
thios discussion was moved from its original posting spot of xbmc feature request

i have no idea why it was moved either

jaxter, me making a suggestion like this that could take xbmc to the next level could be considered contributing, btw

and, for name callings sake...
"ahem. well just got home and im up for a bit more flaming so here goes:"

so when you go out, do you spend time flaming? can i infer this from your statement? cause now i see why this feature is pointless to you. you & your boyfriend listen to neil diamond, watch queer eye episodes, and play barbie adventures with each other. you wouldnt need sync capabilities cause you're normally on his lap?
from online discussion at - someone wants to do the same w/pc's, which is probably harder since all diff hardware.

thankyou for all your replies. i guess what i am asking for is pretty difficult. to my knowledge there are no network protocols that are concerned with the time the packets arrive (to do this packets would not only have to know when they left the server, but also when they arrived at other machines on the network), only with the order they arrive. there isn't anything currently out there that will allow simple and inexpensive synchronisation of the audio output of multiple lan (or wan) connected computers.

i have to assume i'm not the only person who has this desire, or whom, in this increasingly pc literate world has a multimedia computer in multiple rooms, or a computer as the hub of their media entertainment system. so i'm thinking there's a market out there for a software product that can do this.

allowing for modern networks at 100mbit or even wireless at 54g it should be possible to broadcast packets with a sync timestamp thats updated by machines already playing the stream, so that when additional machines are switched onto the stream they can sync, not only with the order of packets but with the prescribed output time, thinking that involves just to build in an initial delay to allow machines to sync, have feedback from machines already playing with what their delay is, then to start playing in sync once they have buffered enough. should be fairly simple... ;-)

so go to work you developers out there, and drop me an email when you get it working :-)

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good luck.

packet or no packet.

the packet has to be taken apart by hardware...ram, hard drive, cpu, i already mentioned.

since every computer (even with the exact same parts) handles this data at a different spead...the only way to get it to be syncronized is to bring the audio in through the computer and out through a hardware receiver (ie; speaker wire).

there is no other way, and will be no other way untill you can syncronize hardware between multiple computers...which is highly unlikely to be high on anyones to-do list.

head down to fred meyer and get yourself a 14.99 fm transmitter. it will send your 1 computers audio to all stereos in your house. it will also keep your computers free for things other then bandwidth hogging.
so airport express seems to be the way to go until this gets implemented
i don't know if the your time sync problem is entirely true. if all of the xboxen are synced to the same time source, it may be trivial to broadcast the start time of the media x, and then through simple calculation figure out the amount of time to skip to the current spot in the media;

skip forward(time(now) - x)

seems like this might work, and doesn't assume the calculation of network packets.
i kind of envision it like xbox live friends screen


where friends name = xbox nickname (you could name them according to room in house)

i dont think it needs to indicate stuff outside of xbmc; the list could just be a list of xbox's currently in xbmc. so in that regard, it would say if the user on what box is in my music, etc etc...

maybe expand it to more than 1 line & show artist/track info

maybe have a line for "currently sync'ed to [xbox name]"

is it possible to control other xbmc's from another? cause that would be cool to sync up all xboxes from one!
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