stopping xbmc without killing the x server
hello to everyone
i'm a bit of a linux new, so if this quesion is stupid please bear with me.

im running xbmc dharma 3 on 9.10 ubuntu minimal install. i originally had install 9.11 live using the xci script, but then upgraded to dharma.

i was wondering if i was possible to quit just xbmc using:
killall xbmc.bin
without killing the x server window.

the command works fine it just kills the x server and boots me straight into the login prompt.

like i said if this question seems dumb, i deeply apologize, but any help would be greatly appreciated,
I assume you are asking because you need xorg for something?
When you hit the prompt, login and type startx and press enter. If you have a window manager this will bring it ip.

If not install one
sudo apt-get install fluxbox.
sudo apt-get intall gnome-core
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stopping xbmc without killing the x server00