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Error finding window id -10000
here is an occuring error in the xbmc.log file.

ERROR: Unable to locate window with id -10000. Check skin files

Prior to the crash I was using Swiss Army Knife script rel 0.6.15 in addons and was backing up a BD that was halfway through. I decide to exit from it to see if the process would keep running in the background. That's when XBMC went to a blank screen, hesitated for 5-8 seconds and crashed. I did find out that the script is indeed still running in the background even after restarting XBMC.

See attached pastebin.

Kernel: Linux 2.6.32-25-generic #44-Ubuntu

1. Distributor ID: Ubuntu
2. Description: Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS - XBMCLive Dharma r34731
3. Codename: lucid Release: 10.04

note: xbmc.log displays this error often also:

ADDON: cpluff: 'Could not return information about unknown plug-in Euphoria.xbs.'.'

I guess I can go disable that though, or include it in the next release.

Error finding window id -1000000