TiVo-clone skin for XBMC started

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blackice912 Offline
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hi guys,

i started a tivo skin for xbmc, but was trying something that i have no experience in - skinning for xbmc. unfortunate for me, i developed it in 720x576 - woops. lucky for me, it will crop to 720x480 without losing much of the graphics.

if anybody is interested in taking the .psd file from me and continuing, please let me know. the layers are kind of messy, so i'll be sure and make them organized when i send whomever the file.

[Image: xbmc.jpg]


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Hichhiker Offline
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here is a question, is it possible to change the way the navigation keys work in xbmc via skinning? a tivo skin would much more useful if the navigation would work the way it does on tivo. personally i would much rather have tivo navigation instead of tivo looks (though both would be nice, of course) tivo allows access to about 90% of the functionality via a very simple navigation using only 4 arrow keys(forward button doubles as select)

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jmarshall Offline
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you could make the right button select on the home window only for a start, which would give you the navigation you want on the home page i think.

as for the scaling to 720x480, xbmc will auto-scale it for you if you set the <defaultresolution> tag to pal and don't bother making an ntsc directory. the only thing that won't scale is fonts, but they probably won't matter much on ntsc vs pal (as width is the major issue with fonts).


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SprkFade Offline
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i might have some time to take it on. you can reach me at sprkjunk@<nospam>gmail.com - don't forget to remove the <nospam> part. and if you don't mind i might try using those gfx for a mxm skin also. i need a nice high-rez skin for my new hdtv and that screenshot looks sharp.

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recoil Offline
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wow, what a great idea!

i like the idea of a tivo skin. would go real well for us tivo users out there. Smile
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