Launching MAME from XBMC?
I'm trying to get all of my emulators setup in XBMC. All of them are hooked up and working with the exception of MAME. I'm using MAME32UI and I can launch games just fine from the MAME32 UI but when I launch them from XBMC it tries to load the ROM from XBMC and then just quits. I'm wondering if I need specific arguments sent to MAME32 but I don't even know where to start with that. Can anyone help?
I don't know much about setting up XBMC to launch emulators but I use Hyperspin, a front end for a ton of emulators, including MAME, which I launch from XBMC. Check out youtube for demos on HyperSpin.
Thanks for the suggestion. I looked into Hyperspin and I love it so far. I'm customizing it right now and then I'll hook it into XBMC.
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