[Windows] Best Remote Control for PC 8m away?

I am a complete n00b when it comes to media streaming, and as I have never owned a HD TV, never felt the need.

I am about to push the button on a 42" TV, with the pure intent to play media from a HDD, or my PC.

Initally my plan was to buy a Popcorn Hour A200 and drop my 2TB HDD into it, but a friend of mine greatly recommends XBMC, and tbh, I am impressed by what I have seen on Youtube.

My dilema (be it a minor one), is that my PC is about 5m behind my Sofa, and the TV is 3m in front of it. This means that I need to run a HDMI cable 8m from my PC..shouldnt be a problem.

When it comes to controlling it, I would like to be able to start XBMC with the push of a button, and be able to shut down the PC with a push of the button. Obsivoulsly I will require the be able to scroll, play, pause, FF, RW, etc.

From what I have researched, my only options for control are as follows (as my PC is behind the Sofa):

1. Run a 8m USB extension cable, and buy a MCE remote with an IR receiver
2. Buy a RF controller, and RF receiver (MCE remote?).
3. Buy a PS3 Remote, and a Bluetooth receiver.

In your opinion, what is the easiest, most control method for XBMC? And how do I go about setting it up? As I have said I am a complete n00b in this, and want to get it right first time.

I also assume I can just use my TV as a 2nd monitor, and have XBMC running purely on it?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
i was also a bit of noob at first. i find using an xbox 360 wireless controller works like a charm.

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[Windows] Best Remote Control for PC 8m away?0
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