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Feature Request - extrafanart and tagline in posterPlus popup
Superb Skin, its super customizable!

I use it to show my DVD and Bluray collection, using the poster (posterPlus) view for the movies.

Would it be to much trouble to add a few things to the poster popup
- the movie Tagline
- extra fanart section that displays the thumbs as a multi-image. (I was thinking a good spot would be to the right next to the plot.)
i agree - when in posterplus, and the movie box moves to the left and the plot appears, there is a perfect place on the right to put couple of image windows that would rotate your extrathumbs folder...
Do it.
how about if the back of the dvd/blu ray case was shown
Yes on Tagline, not sure on "extrathumbs" might cause too much of slow down. Not for dudes with powerful computers but always gotta think of the Revo crowd. Plus less is more is always a powerful statement...

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in this view could you move the box that shows now playing to the right of the screen so it does not block the year and genre under the movie title?
Oh how I would love "extrathumbs" box on that view. Even better if it was to cycle images like it does on one of the views in "Shade" skin.

I Say make it so. And add it as an optional in setters. Then "Revo" users don't have to have it. I Know, I know. You don't like lots of settings. But in the end. Nobody is going to look at the settings page for long. I Know I don't lol.
I agree with Oddsodz, about having an optional setter.

Feature Request - extrafanart and tagline in posterPlus popup00