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Quote:Sorry, I'm of little help for windows, best I can do is provide some
reading material:

We use Unix EOLs in the repo. Maybe some of the other skin devs can
shed some light on how they've converted?

After a batch conversion, you can tell your skin editor to use Unix style.


Apparently this needs to be none with Xperience, anyone know what he's talking about?
What text editor are you using?
if you're workin with notepad++, set format in settings to UNIX.
(or completely migrate to linux, i did that last week Smile )
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I used this ( to initially do it in bulk.
And what exactly needs 'converted'? xml files?
or if you have a linux box just run dos2unix on them and it will do it.

Yes its the xml files that need changed - the linefeeds/eol's need converting to linux format.
Why does this need to be done? This wont prevent anyone else from using the skin correct? And does this include ALL .xml files in the skin?
this include all xml file yes !
that does not change skin behaviours, but allow a better valid xml search.
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Yeah got it all done thankfully Smile Now the problem is I have to move animations, which i have a feeling is going to be REALLY hard to do since the skin uses so many file for animations...

Can anyone tell me an easy (fast way) to move the animations folder from here:


To here:

I use dreaweaver to edit .xml files. It has a nice feature that lets you search for text and then replace it automatically with new text. I think notepad++ can do the same thing. That way you could update the paths to your animation files quickly. You would still have to open all the xml files and run the find/replace text option. It might also be possible to run a batch script to search all the xml files and update the paths.
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I'm hoping for something like that, however all xml's that point towards the animations folder are like this animations\ripples\*.png. I'm assuming I'd have to change the code to something related to special right?

Problem with that is I have no idea (Rocky5 did most of the coding) how the special path stuff works...
Open up all your XMLs in Notepad++
CRTL+F and select Replace
Find >animations/
Replace >special://skin/
Replace All in All opened documents
Save all.

Press ctrl+f
3rd tab is "Find in Files"
Option for Directory - Navigate to your 720p folder

Find what: animations/

That'll will look in all files in the 720p folder for the phrase "animations/"

Now do a "find and replace"

Find what: animations/
Replace with: special://skin/animations/

Short answer you need to put special://skin/ before the path

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Thanks for the help guys! you guys are freaking geniuses!
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