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Missing font characters for Deutschland, Österreich and Schweiz
The Font "Ellipsis_light.ttf" that comes with Ellipsis 1.2 R2866 is missing the special font charactes like Ö,Ä,Ü etc. used only in german-speaking regions. The problem can be solved by replacing the file with a corresponding font-file containing the typical characters. I found one in the web, called "DejaVu Sans Extra light". I can provide a rs-link to the file, just send me a pm.

Maybe team blackbolt can use fonts containing our special german characters in coming updates - Germany loves your skin!

Kirk Ende
Hey Bro,
you're right, but wouldn't it be better to link to the autors page?

But I hope that maybe, with the next release a german translation + the fixed original font will be included Wink

Greetz Zuph
Hey Zuphael,

sorry, haven't found that official link. Well done. Thank you very much. Greetz
The fonts are going to get a good seeing to for the next release 1.3.
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Missing font characters for Deutschland, Österreich and Schweiz00