[RELEASE] Skype (VoIP Program) Addon

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getafix Offline
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I would also love this feature.
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gobbledigook Offline
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savage007 Wrote:You even removed the code on https://code.google.com/p/xbmc-skype-addon/ ?

I'd like to download it but i couldn't find it.

Someone else got it available for download?

SVN checkout the source here
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tbird2340 Offline
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DjBeNI Wrote:Is there any way to use skype in XBMC??

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savage007 Offline
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I found this while searching for a skype script, maybe someone can take look at this?

Clisk, the Command-Line Interface for Skype
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bakito Offline
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well I'm sorry I can't help ( I'm no coder at all) but I sure hope some is willing to achieve a good skype addon for xbmc...it'll be a very good feature I think!!
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xbmc old school Offline
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I'm pro skype!!! Be nice to chat with all my buds with XBMC

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davissss Offline
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would be great to control skype by xbmc. A dream.

If someone hears our voices


estaria genial poder controlar skype mediante xbmc. Un sueƱo.

Si alguien oye nuestras voces.
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mikeprep Offline
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I was wondering if there is any update to this? I would love to add skype to my HTPC setup.... ESPECIALLY through XBMC.

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pi3ch Offline
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Any update on this add-on? it is a great feature to have. Has anybody look at integrating http://www.dlee.org/skype with this plugin?
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yanniks Offline
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I would like Skype in XBMC too. For now, I need to log out from XBMC and go to XBMCBuntu. Another way would be cooler Big Grin

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dkplayaclub Offline
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Interest never goes away for this? I am wondering if this can be achieved with Advanced Launcher?
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rockstartower Offline
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What I did is created a shortcut for skype and in the properties made it so the shortcut launches skype in fullscreen. Then I added it for advanced launcher to execute that shortcut. I noticed that it works flawlessly if you already have skype running (which I have it to start up with my computer). I can click on the skype button in xbmc, it will come up full screen and I will be able to use the controller to navigate and call anyone I want. Then when I hit close on the controller it minimizes skype back to the task trey and brings up xbmc full screen again.

Works like a charm for me. I plan on using it this way unless something else comes out that's better.
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BuhSnarf Offline
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How do you create a shortcut that launches Skype in full screen mode?


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sergo Offline
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Skype of xbmc plugin for Media Portal. http://forum.team-mediaportal.com/thread...deo.83866/ I can not speak .English , so I'm using Google Translate.

[Image: 44a010e452c1ad83262f395ee759c1f0.jpg]

[Image: 7742c17e5f2001cd34c05776e49d1b57.jpg]

[Image: 94b36e0a7cb3f2bf0283856dda59d1ab.jpg]

[Image: 5c5c351325082ff3ee4c724eb0f23216.jpg]
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maxwel Offline
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Hi Everyone,

Is there any way to use skype in XBMC on Windows?
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