[MOD] Dark Blue & Transaparent Icons
I started a new thread as I thought I needed too, sorry for any inconvenience http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=6...post657117

I do love NIGHT and think is the best skin, but I don't really like the color scheme, icons and backgrounds, so with that in mind I've created an alternative option. All the changes are made trying to respect the idea and spirit of the original, and create a coherent pack changing as little amount of code as possible.


- The teal is changed to a combination of dark blue with white.

- The icons are transparent PNGs. In the future I will try and make other packs. All necessary changes to code were made in place to work with this transparent icons.

- All the buttons and glow are changed to dark blue or white according to the rest of the mod.

- The Jukebox mode has complete visual redo (textures, background and so) and animations added.

- New set of backdrops and backgrounds. More conceptual than explicit images, artwork type.

- Two different qualities of images available, taking into consideration less capable machines or space.

- Danielocean Media Flags used.

- Watched Overlays redo.










Icons & Watched overlays


I would like to also leave here a nice moded logo of the Xbmc that i made to use in the rocketdock


If someone like it, here you can download it and get some variants.

Every bit of artwork and other is under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

Credits go to:

mcborzu - http://forum.xbmc.org/member.php?action=...&uid=44509

^vhm-alex - http://ofsoundandvision.com/

*F4lc0N-6 - http://f4lc0n-6.deviantart.com/


Danielocean - http://forum.xbmc.org/member.php?action=...&uid=46112

Any critisicm is more than welcome, enjoy.
downloaded and gave it a try looking freaking awsome. Keep up the good work. Really like the backdrops that you have chosen, you make or where did you download. Thanks.

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Nice work.

This looks great! Are you planning to keep it updated with changes made to the official version/continuing in your own direction?

Either way, I'll definitely be using this.

Night is not my favourite skin in a functional sense (data presentation isn't as clear as something like transparency) but I have switched to it for its clean-ness. A lot of stuff that seems cool and theory winds up being very fatiguing to look at, and I think that night succeeds in avoiding this--especially with your new mod.
How do I install this?
Thanks all, I wasn't sure some would like it :p

@ venealis

I wish was my artwork, mainly is the work of ^vhm-alex - http://ofsoundandvision.com/, great artist. In the "Credits & license.txt" present in the repo you can find the other names and webs.

@ branlr

Yes, im planning on keeping it updated with the git version of night and if someday mcborzu update the download from Xbmc I plan to keep a version for that. If you check the git you can see I already made some updates according to the ones of mcborzu.


As I wasn't sure some would really install I didn't put much effort to the post, but I'm updating it now and improving it, including guide to install.
Cool, I will check it tomorrow :-)

I've never tried git, so I'm hoping for a more Windows like install :-)
Ok no problem, I will explain in detail to install with compressed files.
Wow, feels like a completely new skin yet still the same. I love the default backdrops might be a little too stunning for official use but who knows...

I would never have thought to change the purpleish/teal glow I use around images to a white glow but that white glow is really sharp.

I really should take time within the next two weeks and convert my images to all white so it's easier to mod colors. ventech help covert alot of my ff67fff to color code. Once I finish that other skin I really want to gut Night and code things up a little cleaner, alot of Night I didn't know skinning and could be done alot more organized...

Check out The Carmichael - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Night - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Unfinished - A Skin For XBMC
Updated the first post, think it's better now. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

@ mcborzu

That words means a lot coming from you. I was "modding" mostly for my taste so I wasn't sure if someone else would like it, sometimes my taste it's pretty peculiar :p

About the last sentence I didn't understand quite well, dunno what's ventech. I just took all the original images and use Ps, it wasn't hard at all. The code doesn't feel so messy, but I don't really know squat of the code or skinning, that was the hard part, and why took me some time, but I feel more confident every day, so I will try to keep learning.
ventech is another user who cleaned up some labels so they translate better and some code that I used ff67ffff to mainblue so it's easier for modders to swap colors globally. You know the colors/default.xml where you can set color themes..

As for default images I never gave too much thought thinking people usually just set there own. I do like to do things differently and I like how these set of images give Night a distinct personality rather than just boring LCD screen/Puzzle piece type images...

I been playing with it for a while and just love that white glow! Interested in what else develops and what I can incorporate...

Check out The Carmichael - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Night - A Skin For XBMC

Check out Unfinished - A Skin For XBMC
so I could add this to /addons/skin.mod.night and swap between the two ?

@ mcborzu

Rofl It was a user, I was googling for a program.

I found one of that codes that was left I think. It is in Includes.xml

@@ -1414,22 +1414,22 @@
- <textcolor>ff198f8f</textcolor>
+ <textcolor>mainblue</textcolor>

<include name="WeatherMenuLabel">
- <textcolor>ff198f8f</textcolor>
+ <textcolor>mainblue</textcolor>
<!-- Sub Menu -->
<include name="ResetItems">

Backgrounds kinda the same I think and was going for.

I'm glad it turn out to be something usefull Big Grin

@ Flomaster

Don't think so, just tried and it doesn't appear to choose inside of Xbmc. For that is that I made a *xbt, that was the best solution i could think off for switching back, if you know some other way ill be glad to give it a try, or if you make it work with to installs.
good one!

What i only really don´t like from Night is the Jukebox... aber das ist geschmack sachen!
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@ Flomaster

I learn how to make 2 installations, you make the installation in another folder, lets say - /addons/skin.night.darkblue -. Then you have to go to the addon.xml and change:

id="skin.night" to id="skin.night.darkblue" (the same name as the folder)

you can also change the name so you can differentiate one from another lets say name="Night" to name="Night DarkBlue"

I will add one modified addon.xml and update the installation guide when I get home, much simpler this way, just to make another installation.

@ emal011

The jukebox its an interesting concept, i have some ideas, but for that i need to learn much more coding and stuff, maybe more ahead im capable to make a complete makeover.

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