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[MOD] Dark Blue & Transaparent Icons
@ Oddsodz

Will take a look into those.

Ive already started to try and find an easy way or an option to do this with no luck, most i can do is scale some parts of the views without serious recoding. Hope this skins contains an easy answer than I can see of course.

@ RiChaDo

You made the changes or is just PS?

Will take a look into Neon and see, thanks for the heads up.

Any luck with the jukebox?
no I made the changes so its not PS
The moviewall has the same effect but forgot to make a screenshot off it.

The jukebox is working nicely but I wanted a modern jukebox layout.
still a work in progress..


The last one I was a bit late on making screenshot so you see the text on the left side
I just checked Neon and I must say I don't dig it at all, even if a make blind eyes to the fact that in every animation added is something wrong (frame alignment or poster for example), I don't like them, the posters end being to big, the animation to fast, a lot of things seems weird. And the textures and fonts he used are so ugly to me.

Anyway I have some ideas for some new views, but just as the new "jukebox" I imagine they are pretty different to the current so will take some time and more learning. So there's a long way to go still, I'm just beginning.
yeah I know what you mean.
I dont like that the animation starts to soon.
maybe I can adjust the delay off it
The thing is I want animation to show off my movies :-P

The skin needs to be like you made it just with some small animation thats it really.
font & cover size was on my todo list haha

Ill try to finish up some small bugs & maybe I can upload the files on this thread if you dont mind?
You can post them were ever you want.

Maybe it's easier for others to follow your mods if they are in a different topic linking to this, so they don't get lost in the middle of this one in case I don't adopt any of them.

Anyway its fine with me and would be interesting to take a look exactly to what you've done.

Ill warn you now just in case that I'm working in a pretty big update from the ones I've been doing, mainly complete flag redo with many code lines changes and some menu redo also, both with color option in the same way mcborzu recently did with the glow.

Think that before Thursday ill update, at least hope.
Is it possible to have the watched overlay visible when a tvserie ep is not selected? In Episode view.


quick mac ss. Both ep 9 & 10 are watched. 10 is selected
Yes, it's possible, already done it, the change will be reflected in the next update, with any luck tomorrow when I finish the other changes I'm working on.

I started a new thread as I thought I needed too, sorry for any inconvenience
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[MOD] Dark Blue & Transaparent Icons51