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Multiple Titles on 1 DVD image to library
I'm trying to find the best way to add some DVDs I have that have more than 1 movie per disc (Universal Horror Legacy Collection Movies, Midnite Movies, etc.). I am ripping my films to ISO images but this becomes problematic with more than 1 title per DVD.
Ex: Son of Frankenstein and Ghost of Frankenstein are on the same disc, if I name the file Son of Frankenstein.iso it comes up as just that one film.

Been searching for a while and haven't seen a solution yet to this problem, the best I can come up with is to add an NFO file that includes both titles but of course that would still scrape it in as 1 movie as well.

Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks
Whats wrong with ripping them to separate iso's?
prae5 Wrote:Whats wrong with ripping them to separate iso's?

Thanks Prae5, that's what I get for getting to set in my ways of how I ripped things, I use AnyDVD to rip the discs which does it all as one image I'll look into a way to rip it into the separate titles. I guess I was just too hung up on finding a solution to the problem than just coming up with a better work around.
Problem is the movie library expects a file (or multiple files) to represent a single movie, I can't think of any quick and easy way around it. AnyDVD should let you rip each movie as its own iso.
I have the same scenario here, with some DVDs including 2 different titles. That's what I do to make XBMC scrape both movies: I rip the image and create a hardlink on the image. Remember that a hardlink isn't a copy, it's another pointer to the file.

Ex.: I have a DVD with "Devil's Advocate" and "Constantine".

- Rip the DVD into an image named "Devil's Advocate.iso"
- Create a hardlink named "Constantine.iso"
In the command prompt, type: fsutil hardlink create "Constantine.iso" "Devil's Advocate.iso"
- Scrape them both on XBMC

That way, you'll have two image entries but only one file on the disk.

Of course, when you select either movies on XBMC you'll be taken to the DVD's menu to choose between them. But, at least, they are both visible and selectable on XBMC.

Multiple Titles on 1 DVD image to library00