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[WINDOWS] Library Mode Weirdness.. Is it XBMC or my n00bishness?
Exact same issue here... not sure what's going on but it's very annoying.

FYI I'm using a basic ubuntu file server with smb shares.

(2) xbmc live - one virtual, one real
(3) atv2 xbmc machines
(1) xbmc on win7

They are all using the advancedsettings.xml method to share an SQL database.

I use media manager to generate the [supposedly] xbmc-compatible .nfo files, front and rear covers, etc... This method has worked for me for nearly two years now for keeping my collection sorted and has never been an issue.

I installed the ATV2 boxes a few weeks ago, replacing win7 xbmc running 10.0. Updated all my live boxes and reinstalled on my other win7 box and all are experiencing this issue. All use the same SMB connection paths (win7, atv and live) and can play the movies, listed from the SQL db on the media server, fine...

when not in library mode, it shows everything.

When in library mode, it will always show the movie info (back cover text, etc..) from the nfo file, but sometimes will not show the box cover so I get a screenshot.

Any more ideas I'm willing to try them all. With 2000+ movies, probably 350-500 of them did not show the cover art when rebuilding the sql db from scratch, so it's very annoying having to manually select it.
Strat_87 Wrote:If you use an external source, put smb: in front of your path, that solved things for me.

Thank you. I have been searching on how to fix this for days. I could not figure out why it worked in file view but not library mode. After adding smb: in front of my share path it is now working in library mode. Thank you again!!!

[WINDOWS] Library Mode Weirdness.. Is it XBMC or my n00bishness?00