BCM970015 audio only (black screen during mkv playback)
I recently installed Dharma beta 4 on my Hp Mini 210-1050sl, after upgrading it with a Broadcom CrystalHD BCM970015. Last video card and Broadcom card drivers installed, directx runtime june 2010 installed. There's no way to watch an mkv inside Xbmc, actually i can hear audio stream...but no video at all. If i disable CrystalHD option in Xbmc i can see movies. Tried Windows Media Center, Arcsosft TotalMedia Theatre, Media Player Classic... Broadcom card works fine with them. No matter if i downgrade drivers or install a different xbmc build (dharma or camelot). Btw: i had to downgrade Broadcom drivers to 3.3.0, since with 3.5.0 version Xbmc just crashes with mkv playback.

Mediainfo of the mkv i'm trying to play:

Screenshot of Xbmc not playing video:

Xbmc log:

Screenshot of Xbmc with CrystalHD disabled:

Xbmc log:

Here's a screenshot of what happens when i select the movie. It just stays on menu while i can here audio, i need to leftclick anywhere for switching from xbmc library to dvdplayer interface:

Last thing: i tried every possible video option inside Xbmc: auto refresh rate, fullscreen window or not, a/v sync...always the same. Any help, please? Huh
Sad noone?
I'm having this same exact problem. Anyone have any ideas on this?
Sorry- posted something here instead of another thread.
I realise this is an old thread, but I'm having the same symptoms:
no video, audio plays fine, after a while XBMC freezes completely and task manager is needed to kill the unresponsive application.
I've been reading the threads re BCM970015, but none refer to missing video except for this one.

Acer Aspire One 532h + BCM970015 drivers 3.5, Windows 7 32bit

media info : http://pastebin.com/2n0UXDZk
debug log : http://pastebin.com/haFgBfrr

Perhaps some one could send me in the right direction?

back in the days before DXVA support I used a BCM970012 and that seemed to work fine. If you can find a BCM970012 on ebay it might be worth trying that. The Crystal code doesn't have anyone supporting it at the moment.

I have this exact same problem. Specifically I have the XBMC-PVR build from pulseeight using their install.sh

Here are the MKVs that work and don't with my Crystal Broadcom running on Ubuntu 10.10

I'm able to play Handbrake burned DVDs that use MKV
I'm able to play XMBC TVHEADEND recorded shows using Standard def MKV
I'm unable to play XMBC TVHEADEND recorded shows using high def MKV (720p or higher)
I'm unable to play Bluray ripped MKVs

If I disable Settings -> Video -> Playback -> Cyrstal HD, all videos playback but the high def mkvs are choppy.
@mythboy:I would pursue this in http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=116509

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