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TV Themes
ok need some help here.. I cannot get the tv themes to play
used tv tune to download theme..
theme.mp3 in tv series folder
im using latest svn of Back Row and latest version of Dharma I have enabled tv themes in the skin settings but they will still not play..
they do play with another skin though.. but I like your skin
pls help
Working for me.
I am also using the latest version from the Backrow-SVN.

First of all, you have to download those TV-Themes manually with the TVTunes-Tool
(should be located in your Programs-Addons-Section).

After that, it should be possible to hear the sounds.

cheers ubuntuf4n
Ive downloaded the TV themes with TVTunes tool they are all in the correct folders
but they just dont play
I have the same problem as well
The only thing I can think of other than:

1. Ensure in appearance settings that you are using the SVN version of BackRow and not the XBMC repo version.

2. Ensure that TV themes are enabled in skin options

- Possibly you're using the skin in some sort of 4:3 aspect ratio and it's using the xmls from the PAL folder. You could check that by copying the contents of the PAL16x9 folder into the PAL folder. Then see what happens.
thank you Sharpe as always you were spot on for some strange reason I had it set to 4:3 changed settings now working a treat..
That's fab - nice one

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