Are these enchantments to scrapers possible?
  • Group Same Day Episodes
  • Use Fallback Absoulte Ordering

Where "Group Same Day Episodes" will just assume that if two episodes are shown on the same day, then they are actually the same episode. (because of cartoons)

epcount = 0
currentep = 1
nextep = ep
while ( airdateEQ(currentep, ++nextep) )

epdata = currentep to nextep-1 as epcount

"Use Fallback Absoulte Ordering" would simply find the season number if the absolute number didn't exist by this logic

S_x = 1
while ( S_x.last_ep > absoulte )
    absoulte -= S_x.last_ep
    S_x = S_x++

Season is S_x and Episode is absolute.

I thought that the scrapers would just be some python interface. But, I think you guys made a standardized xml. So, I have no idea if this is feasible or not.
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Are these enchantments to scrapers possible?00