TV Channel Logo Packs - Transparent TV & Radio Channels Logos Pack

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mad1993max Offline
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how to use them, do they have to be implemented in the scin i use, or can i implement them into xbmc?
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Randall Lind Offline
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If you use PseudoTV make sure your channel name match the name of the logo.png file. Also put them in user/your name/appdata/roaming/xbmc/addons whatever name your pseudoTV folder is then resources.

Then in xbmc go to programs then psedudoTV addon settings and make sure show logo is enable. The main issue with logos not showing after all is said and done is miss spelling of channel name.
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mrdata2000 Offline
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cable_guy Offline
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Can someone please provide me with an example of how I can use these logos?

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ClayMontgomery Offline
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The TV channel logos that have been posted on this thread are for Europe and the quality of the images is not very good. So, I created a new set of high-quality logo images specifically for broadcast TV networks in the USA. These are PNG images that have transparent backgrounds that I optimized to look good in XBMC. The zip file can be downloaded from this HTPC guide which also explains how to install them for XBMC. Check it out:

The Best HTPC Solution for Internet and Live HDTV in America

Regards, Clay
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Hustler1337 Offline
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Does anyone have any high quality, updated channel logos that they don't mind sharing, or if they know any good websites with decent channel logos that I can download?

Would really appreciate it.

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zag Offline
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Post: #22 Wink
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magnumopus Offline
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Not sure if it has been posted already, but this is the one I use:
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