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XBMC running in small window
I was watching something normally then my foot hit the keyboard and now XBMC is running in a small window in the centre. When I try to maximise it it goes to full screen but leaves the taskbar at the bottom showing and the bar at the top and for the life of me I can't fix it.......HELP!!!
Press the backslash character, '\'
I think I tried everything except that one...Many many thanks
I just ran into this problem too... I think I hit the backslash '\' key on my keyboard. However, hitting backslash doesnt make it return to normal.

The XBMC is shrunk to 1/4 size and a placed in the upper-left corner. A background that appears to be black/white pixels shows up, and In the very center of the screen I see "X". I assume this is X windows? And how does one bring XBMC back to full screen, and is it possible to disable this?
Faced this problem many times. It happened when I grab tablet by keyboard. My shrunk picture is placed in the bottom left corner.
Today I pressed several keys combination and found it is just '#' key (UK keyboard).
Press # key
I had accidentally press a wrong button n my xbmc tv screen shrunk to 1/4 size. I tried to go to setting, System, setting, video output and it only shows:

1) vertical blank sync
2) video calibration
3) enable lcd/vfd.

I tried the calibrate and only manage to get 3/4 size.
I also tried to play the movie and press the centre round button until there is play menu and i had tried to do the svreen adjustment with only 3/4 size.

Can anyone please help me amd guide how to return back to normal screen size. I read from internet n seems i got screen setting messup.

I am using appletv2 and i dun use keyboard to control my appletv2
Click on fullscreen window first and then back slash.
First post to the forums so please be patient. I too am on an ATV2. My small screen is in the upper left corner of my television. I see a menu to the left for video control and a selection for full screen with an arrow. I can't seem to get to that section with my remote to allow me to get back to full screen. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
having the same issues. HELP.

The / and # suggestions do not work
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