[Fedora] VDPAU error
Hi all,

first time poster and user of xbmc, but i seem to be running into a problem

i am currently unable to play any .avi files and as far as i can tell it is a VDPAU error.

OS: Fedora 13
i am running a 8400 GS with the latest drivers "yum install kmod-nvidia-PAE" and this should support VDPAU i am currently able to run mplayer and from my understanding if mplayer works VDPAU is working?

i downloaded the SVN version of xbmc and compiled it against my kernel, i have trolled google and these forums but unfortunately i cannot find an answer can anyone help me?

Please read: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=34655
I need a debug log to help you further.

Thanks for the quick reply sorry for not having enough info

error log

Video Drivers

in terms of the build i am using not 100% sure how to get the revision number for the SVN build, but i downloaded it last night

Can you turn off navigation sounds in system->appearance->skin.
crash report with navigation sounds turned off
Please turn on debug logging in xbmc and post another crashlog.
report with debugging turned on

This is an issue with the 9.11 Camelot release and external ffmpeg on Fedora, you either need to turn of VDPAU (set render method to glsl), or upgrade XBMC to the Dharma RC1 release.
I am happy to upgrade, but i was just wondering how?
i downloaded the SVN build via the wiki website and i would have assumed that would give me the latest build?

where could i download Dharma RC1 from please

and thank you very much for your help
We don't provide builds for Fedora, you need to compile from source yourself or look around the net if anyone else provides Fedora builds.
There seem to be builds on rpm fusion: http://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/fedo.../xbmc.html
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