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How to enable EventServer?

I searched forum for EventServer but as far as I found are

But I cannot find any documentation how to install or how to use EventServer and EventClient. Did I miss something?

'allow applications on this pc to control xbmc' = eventserver bound to localhost. this is enabled by default.
'allow applications on other pcs to control xbmc' = eventserver bound to your network interface. this you have to explicitly enable.

both in network settings.
What is the default eventserver port?
Thanks for this thread. It gets kind of confusing because some documentation (like the FAQ for the android remote) refers to event server but the network setting doesn't say anything about "eventserver" I assumed that is what it was but it also asked for the port for the eventserver and I don't see that listed on the config screen under network setting (just the HTTP port control)

How to enable EventServer?00