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Beta Suggestions
..and maybe an artist name in music list views (annoying when browsing compilations). I also think the BigList view would be good for music. Especially the functionality from the BigList movie view where you can select which information should be shown, i.e. provide the ability to turn on/off artist, year, title etc.

I also recon the video full-wall view would do well as an album view, with the info being a track list (I don't know if this is accessible at that level?) or review.
Another suggestion... sleep functionality (XBMC.AlarmClock(shutdowntimer,XBMC.ShutDown(),60)) in shutdown menu. Sorry for the lack of organization in the suggestions :p
Would you consider adding something like this for an artist view?

(pic from refocus by jeroen)

Either way the skin looks amazing and i cant wait to try it out. Smile
Please include studio flags and music recordlabels
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Please include studio logos and music record label flags.
CPU:- AMD FX 4100 Motherboard: Gigabyte 78LMT-S2 RAM:-4GB Graphics: AMD HD 7750 1GB DDR5 PSU: IBALL 500W Display: DELL S2240M Storage: 1TB
Love the skin! Good job!

I understand the star rating makes for a better looking ui, but I prefer seeing the imdb ratings like they appear on (from 1 to 10 with one decimal)
In Alaska this is chosen in the settings.

Again, congrats with a fine looking skin!
Would a view like this (with a Fusion twist) be possible?


And possible a matching episode view (can't find a screenshot of that), similar to that that exists in Xperience.
Banner support required. Also no "stop" button in OSD.
CPU:- AMD FX 4100 Motherboard: Gigabyte 78LMT-S2 RAM:-4GB Graphics: AMD HD 7750 1GB DDR5 PSU: IBALL 500W Display: DELL S2240M Storage: 1TB
First of all great skin!

Here is what I feel is lacking:

OSD XBMC Subtitles
Option to hide the top bar
A shutdown shortcut on the home screen
An option to display the movie's info (plot, actors, directors...) by pressing up in most of the views like bigfan, poster... (ala Aeon if you will)
The possibility to add custom items on the home menu

And that will be all for me to have THE perfect skin!

Hoping this will help you fine-tune your piece of art!

Cinema experience add-on button in the movie info view Rolleyes
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Not really sure if I should be putting this in suggestions or bug reports, but either (a) there's no mouse wheel support or (b) my mouse wheel is broken. If (a), uh, I guess I suggest mouse wheel support Smile

Other than that and the top bar sort of glitching out when you move the cursor up to it (you can use it, but it quickly retracts and comes back a few times), this skin is pretty fantastic for mouse support.
How about adding Tv logo support, also maybe support for extrafanart folder?
Great start and very polished straight out of the gate. I've only found a few things that could use a little tweaking.

Home screen - Weather: add some info to the home screen a la the movie / tv show home screen. This would help the weather screen blend in with the reat of the home screen and save the user from having to click to see the extended forecast.

Home screen - System: same as the weather. Have system information, available drive space, memory usage, etc.

Home screen - Addons: allow the user to select their top 5 addons and perhaps have a featured addon (may need a separate script for that).

Addon menus: allow more views especially list view.

Now for a couple bugs. I'll post them here and in the bugs thread as well...

Skin settings: user needs to press escape instead of backspace to get out of the skin settings window.

Music top directory menu: cover overlay visible on all menu items except search and music addons. This occurs in the movie and tv show menus as well.

The transition to playing a video file could be a bit smoother. At the moment, the notification pop ups and then fades away without displaying any information.

The volume pop ups looks out of place. Could use a bit of tweaking.

The confirm dialog for applying settings for audio and video is missing a background.

The transition from displaying the OSD and info to just the info seems jerky and could be smoother. At the moment the OSD disappears instantly and then the info slides down to the bottom of the screen. Perhaps sliding both screens down at the same time before fading the OSD out would create a better transition.
The error "one or more items failed to play" could use a dialogue box around it. When the text came up by itself it lay over the top of other text and was completely unreadable. Box could be solid or semi-transparent. It just needs to obscure the bacground enough so the text is readable.

sorry - didn't get a screenshot.
Sorry for double post but it was hours ago.....

IMO Infowrap is a fantastic view as it's so hard to be different in skins these days. However, the view is next to useless when viewing large libraries (move 1 item at a time). May I suggest a combination view of Infowrap and Postershelf. This gives the unique look of the windowed fanart but also gives the ability to skip pages at a time. I've made 2 mock ups. 1 with the higlighted item enlarged and 1 without (the way postershelf currently works). I'm not sure which would work better. This shouldn't take much to do as the code for both of these views exist. It should just be a cut and paste of the right bits - right?



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