[WIP] XBMC Flicks (Netflix Addon) Development Thread - Developers Only!
check out xbmcflicks 1.0.13 - specifically the instant watch, browse by genre options. It's on it's way to the xbmc repo, commit and pull request submitted.

This is using the oData, open database preview that netflix has setup. With some custom dialogs, this could be just the ticket without the need to download any database. There's no quota's or limits imposed and has the full catalog that netflix offers

There's a full set of commands that can be used to query the data, and some parts are a little off still (it's a preview from netflix) but it works pretty darn good. Mainly instant watch availability on some items is not being updated correctly, bug is in with netflix to get that sorted out.
Coming soon: netflix under linux


As soon as I can get a version to test with I'll update the plugin
Hey, you have been doing really nice work here! I have been thinking of the same idea some time ago. But I have not gotten over with control when it is opened. The thing is, being a windows only system, there are some issues with mapping the keys based on the way it is launched.

But, you have been doing really good work here mate!
hi, i really like this plugin, but there are a couple of things i'd like to improve. ive grabbed the code and started making some changes, for example
- added "Streaming Only" setting, where if this is enabled you skip the first menu and go directly into the streaming menu. this will also be used for recommendations etc
- fixed issue with genres not working (json had slightly changed and now says "Netflix.Catalog.v2.Genre")
- added "Recently Watched" to the menu
- playing with adding more info for each tv episode, mainly just get a description (hard to remember what episodes you have watched just by title sometimes), this is currently slow as it does a http call per episode (just learning the API, so will improve on this).

i also had other ideas like integrating themoviedb/thetvdb to get much richer meta data and to make it more like windows media centers interface. in the regards of functionality (not UI), the things i really like about WMC are recommendations, similar titles, recently watched. it makes it really nice finding something you never would have thought of searching for.

ive never worked on an open source project before (well just a small one) and i was wondering how to commit changes? should i commit them? do you want another developer helping out/improving on this? should i just fork it and create a separate plugin (dont really want to do this, would like to help towards main app).

bit about me: im a C#/asp.net/jquery developer by trade, lots of experience with web stuff and apis. worked on plugins for gbpvr for years, wrote my own media center at one stage (just to see if i could), have 2 mac minis running win7 for the media center (would like to switch back to mac os x when PVR branch matures) have a MBP for development, so can test both mac and windows easily.

i see you have just committed a fix for browse by genre Smile
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[WIP] XBMC Flicks (Netflix Addon) Development Thread - Developers Only!51