Exit rather than shutdown

Love this skin. But unless I've overlooked it, it seems to be missing one function that I need: an ability to exit XBMC and take me back to Ubuntu.

I came across this post outlining how to remap the "Sign Out" button in the Aeon skin to perform this function, but I'm not sure how I'd port that solution to BackRow.

Any ideas?

Under Settings->System->Power Savings - You can specify what Shutdown does...

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Thanks. That works, except that now the power button on my remote exits, rather than shuts down.

I guess I can change the mapping of the button, or is there another way to get the best of both worlds? Smile
rbrohman Wrote:..or is there another way to get the best of both worlds? Smile

Hiya - yeah that would be me adding a quit button. I'll do that when I get the time in the next few days.
Thanks - that's most appreciated!
Hi sharpe

Just wondering if this is still on your to-do list? Would really like to switch over from Transparency!, but I need that exit button.

thanks again
Oh yeah sorry I added it a couple of weeks ago! :o

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