[MOD] Night.Purity

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Hi, Very nice work here - Love it-

Question for anyone regarding the audiobook set up - I got everything working from reading this thread and the vid's but whats the deal with music now? when i go into music all my audiobooks will also be in there - is the only way to get around that to create a "music playlist" that excludes audiobook? that did work for me however i can only set up by album I could not set up a "secondary" playlist to search by artist. Is that possible some how?

Sorry in advance if this has been covered -
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I use night, have not tried purity, and found an issue with night that may be present in Purity if it is based on the same code. It stopped file names containing a comma from playing.

Here is the thread I started, asking for help

Here is the fix (posted in the Night-Eden thread

Hope it is of some help...IF Purity needs it
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