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Thanks so much for sharing these, KiSUAN - the screenshots posted look superb.

I'm not having as much luck implementing them in my setup, unfortunately. I replaced the files as you suggested in Post #3. I'm using Aeon65, and even though they're showing up it doesn't look like bandelguy's screenshots...all of them are showing as black and semi-transparent as in the screenshot below and not in color...I'm not sure if there is a setting I'm supposed to change to get them to show up in full color?

Just from the SS you uploaded the problem is that in the view you are there is a colordiffuse being applied to the flags. I don't know if bandelguy edited the xml, but I suppose he did, he's on a different view also, were there is no colordiffuse perhaps . Don't know that well Aeon65 and don't have it installed now.

And the flags not showing are either because they are not coded in aeon or they have different file names, but as nothing is being shown I suppose they are not coded.

So or you change the code or ask bandelguy exactly what he did and if he can share the files modified.
Cant get this to work.
From post 3 -
TexturePacker = Gone

Can you enlighten a newb on the way to get these on using Linux...? Smile
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Sorry for delay DejaVu77.

About Linux the Paths are http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Special_protocol


* special://xbmc - /usr/share/xbmc when installed from a binary package (ie PPA, rpm, deb, etc). /usr/local/share/xbmc when compiled (unless you specify an alternate prefix)
* special://home - /home/[username]/.xbmc (Note the '.', this directory is hidden so you may need to enable hidden files in your file manager to see it).

About the TexturePacker, compile http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW...ource_code. Git https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc. More info & problems http://forum.xbmc.org/search.php?searchid=7352684.

Sorry if I can't be more useful but I barely have time this days.

Happy festivities & ENJOY!!!
Just a cross post from the Back Row section - Here are the flags in Back Row:

Nice, thanks for the ss.
How about media flags for surround audio files? Does xbmc even distinguish between surround and non-surround audio files?
I don't know if I understand correctly, anything in 4.0 channels or higher is surround, the channels tells you the audio is "surround".
As far as I can see in the MyMusic__.db xbmc doesn't keep track of how many channels a song has. I would love to have media flags for surround flacs, surround oggs, etc, but if xbmc doesn't distinguish between surround and non-surround, it would be rather pointless. Am I wrong?
First, there isn't such thing as flac surround per se, flac only states for the compression method not the channels, for the channels you have the channels flag.

Anyway I can see and understand what you say, I for one know what albums and songs in my collection are in "surround" or more than 4.0 channels because they are indexed in a separated folder that specifies so, but, knowing how many channels the tracks have could be nice.

Besides what I previously said XBMC doesn't index in the DB the number of channels for the music files but could do it as it does read it when is it playing, so if the skinner support it (if it is coded in the views of the skin) you could see the number of channels, with a flag or whatever when you select (play) a song.
thx to share it !
how do you exit this mod? how about adding a menu for shutdown
MaxCore Wrote:thx to share it !


mediakill Wrote:how do you exit this mod? how about adding a menu for shutdown

are the naming conventions for these flags still compatible with xbmc eden?
(2012-05-13, 13:32)pheonixsingh Wrote: are the naming conventions for these flags still compatible with xbmc eden?
Yes..... no change in EDEN.
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