[RELEASE] NPR (National Public Radio) Internet Radio Plugin Addon

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Fisslefink Offline
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Thumbs Up  [RELEASE] NPR (National Public Radio) Internet Radio Plugin Addon
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I woke up this morning and wanted to get NPR streaming on my XBMC install. I was surprised that an add-on wasn't already available!

Thankfully, there is a consistent, 24-hour streaming link (maybe it didn't exist in 2007 when this thread was started):

The above link works nicely in VLC player. However, I wanted it in a seamless XBMC interface. I wrapped it up in a very simple add-on for XBMC, using the ShoutCast add-on as a template.

I have only tested this add-on with Ubuntu 10.10 with Dharma RC2.

Since the Forum doesn't support file attachments [sigh] and I'm too lazy to sign up for the Add-on developer mailing list / Git repository, here's a direct download link:


Install instructions:
  1. Download the attached audio.NPR.zip file to your Home folder.
  2. Navigate to: Settings --> Add-ons --> Install from Zip File
  3. Navigate to your Home folder and select audio.NPR.zip
  4. A pop-up should indicate that the add-on was installed correctly
  5. Navigate to: Music --> Files --> Music Add-ons
  6. Click the link to NPR. It should start playing immediately.
    Update 12/4/10: Script now loads the Visualisation window after it begins playing the stream. Just hit "Stop" to make it stop playing.
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KidVulcan Offline
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Wanted to try this but the link seems to be dead. It links to a Google Code Error Page
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zepfan Offline
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Maybe try this one?
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KidVulcan Offline
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Yup, that one worked. Thanks
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bodhi Offline
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It didn't work for me. I got the "installation failed" message.
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m1st3rr3x Offline
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Any idea why either programs will not run when I chose them?
Could it be that the links are no longer workingConfused
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fobizzle Offline
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I use this pretty much daily, but when I started it today I no longer get the option for the live stream or the music stream. It's just the ... to go up a dir which when clicked is an endless loop.
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mxlance Offline
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NPR (National Public Radio) stopped working?

tried it on os x and kodibuntu no go.
anyone else?

i really like this addon hope it is not dead

thank you
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