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Where to put new TV studio logos
butchabay Wrote:1. You've tried to refresh your TV Show Info ?

2. It's not supposed to show 6 Mediaflags, I've seen it in several posts, it's not a skin related problem. You should have avc-1 or avc, not both.

In answer to 1) I did refresh my shows and it had no effect.

2) I figured as much but i'm not sure why both flags would show. Could it be an encoding issue with handbrake?
I solved my problem with the logos. Since my setup is via a hdd attached to my apple time capsule, which is passowrd protected, I needed to have a passwords.xml file in my userdata folder. It ended up looking like this:

<from pathversion="1">smb://SERVER/</from>
<to pathversion="1">smb://USERTongue[email protected]/</to>

Now the logos are coming in just fine.

As far as the media flag issue. i couldn't figure out why i have 6 flags instead of 5, so i just adjusted the gap width in the rightlist view from 30 to 20 and all 6 fit. Not ideal, but it works.
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