Dharma-ready PVR-Skins?

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mots Offline
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Hey, I'd like to know which Dharma-ready skins with support for PVR are out there. I know of:
  • SLik
  • PM3-HD
  • Confluence
  • an Aeon mod floating around vdr-forums
  • Transparency!
    • Is that it?
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retro11 Offline
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Yeah I think that is it at the moment BUT I think the next refous release is meant to have PVR support (75% implemented last I read) and I also believe mcborzu (night, etc) is also looking at implementing it in his skins.

Also someone is working on an updated aeon light version based on Slik with PVR support and I have got PVR working in customizable confluence.

So it looks like the list will be growing shortly. fingers crossed.
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