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fyi i just committed (just that, not my work) an integrated mame frontend add-on to the repository.
Thanks for the update spiff. It's always nice to have options :-)
I'm using dharma 3, with no problems whatsoever, i recently installed the add-on, mame frontend, and although the add-on starts up, as soon as i go to, search for games, the working box in the bottom right kicks in and does not go off, i can't stop the process via task manager, i have to physically restart the computer myself.
Does anyone else have this problem?
I'm gonna test this ASAP, I have been waiting for something like this for that last 18 months so i can finally get rid of my old original xbox from the lounge.

Linux support being worked on, the wait continues... Sad
spiff Wrote:fyi i just committed (just that, not my work) an integrated mame frontend add-on to the repository.
Wow! I totally missed this.Thanks for pointing it out.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
I was checking that out btw, VERY nice work!!! Thanks for the effort's. I wondered, are there plans to be able to control more setting's of mame like resolution and such? I have been a long term fan of mame (since 1st version in the days, supporting just pacman only) and it seem's like the mame loader plugin uses it's on value's as it's loading at a much lower resolution. Unless it's cause i'm using MAMEUI.
Hey Bro, I am having the same problem with the same skin. I am working on it tonight. I will post how I fix it, if I get it figured out.

Let me know if you find any thing.
It's completely beyond me where and how to contact the creator of the mame frontend which has appeared on the dahrma repositories.

But I want to get in contact with him just to let him know of a good job and one tiny but still quite large issue.

If anyone can fix the addon to allow for multiple screen selection or even to just use the display setup in the mame.ini. Right now I am stuck with it shifting over to my 17" monitor instead of the TV.
I've installed Mame using
sudo apt-get install mame

I then installed the Mame frontend addon from the repositories. I've set within the addon the mame path to be /usr/games/sdlmame

whenever I try to run the frontend, I get the script failing on me (message appears indicating "Script failed!:"

Does anyone have this working on Dharma Beta 4 Live ? I'm running it on an ASRock 330HT if that helps

Many thanks
Ross Confused

ps here's my log :
ASRock 330HT, XBMC Eden

The mame addon in the repositories is for Windows only.
hah, that would explain it then! thanks for the help Smile
ASRock 330HT, XBMC Eden

Whenever I try to use mame launcher, I don't see any games. I've updated my list of games but still nothing. Is there something that has to be done to make it work?
Same thing happening here!
Doesn't work, wont find the mame exe as the file path needs to be "C:\bla bla\me me mo\mame\mame.exe" instead it will just find C:\bla.

Quite a LARGE oversight. Things like rom names coming up etc are fine though, it just needs to launch the emu now. The error renders this addon useless.
it's working perfectly for me except one small hiccup: i have a tv and a monitor plugged into my pc, and whenever i try to run a rom it opens mame in the monitor instead of the tv where xbmc is running. has anyone else run into this problem?
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