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Hi all,

Fisrtly, Backrow has to be one of my favourite skins, awesome work. I'm still learning and finding out various things about XBMC and indeed the Backrow skin itself. Question is, how do I set Backrow so that when XBMC starts, it starts straight in my movies folder - displaying all of my movies with DVD or BluRay covers, I have this working, by that I mean if I select movies, it does display the covers. But I have to drill down to movies in order for me to get this view, also once in this view I can scroll left and right, but one thing which is kind of annoying, is there is a file or be it parent folder, which doesn't display a cover, which it shouldn't I know this, but when every other movie has a cover, it sort of looks odd, when one icon only displays admit one .. can this be removed ..

Final thought, how would one start up XBMC and just before it goes into the movie section, play a sound sample, as I would love to be able to play teh Pearl and Dean sample at the time the curtain - countsdown etc

Hi Dr0g0 - nice to hear from you /appreciate the kind words

Well yeah you can certainly do some of this to an extent:

To make XBMC load straight up in Videos you can set this in Appearance settings under "Skin". Change the startup window option from Home to Videos. It won't take you directly to the cases view but will take you straight to the video library root.

To get rid of the parent folder entry you can also do this in Appearance settings under "File Lists" uncheck the show parent folder items option (I always disable this as well).

I quite like the idea of the Pearl and Dean audio - It's not something I'll probably be adding but if you like that sort of stuff you should check out the Cinema Experience Add-On link. With that working you can play old style cinema intro clips, display rating images and dolby / DTS intro stuff along with trailers before your main movie - it's very cool and the latest version off Backrow from here supports it.
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