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fanart.tv - Request and share ClearLOGO, ClearART and more Fan Artwork / Thumbs
fanart.tv allows you to find ClearLOGOs / ClearART / TV Thumbs and Season Thumbs for your TV shows, it also allows you to request new ones. It also allows you to find cdART / Artist backgrounds / Album Covers and ClearLOGOs for your music collection.

There is an integrated forum at http://fanart.tv/forums/ so if you have a fanart.tv account you can post.

13th May 2011
19th August 2011


Please read http://fanart.tv/rules/ and http://fanart.tv/image-denials/ and http://fanart.tv/tips/ before submitting as this will help you avoid the common mistakes

Youtube channel for video tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/user/fanartdottv

Want to get more involved with the site?
Check out this link for details on what positions are open

Requesting new images:
When there isn't an image available for your TV show, simply go to the site, find you TV show, and make a request.
In order to make the contributors lives easier, when you make a request you must provide at least one of the following: A) Quality artwork to be stripped for logo usage. B) Properly identifying and matching fonts in cases where A is not possible. C) Links to relevant sites in order to creatively make up a logo for a series that either has none or A & B aren't possible for.

You can make as many requests as you like, adding extra information each time (It will only show up as a single request though). The more resources and the better the quality of the resources the contributors have to work from, the more likely you are to get a logo made.

However, if you enter junk data just to make a request, you will in all likelyhood find your request deleted. Our contributors are making images for YOU, so we expect YOU to help them out by doing some of the legwork. If you can't be bothered to source the material required to make an image for YOUR show, why should they be bothered to make it?

When you login to the control panel, if you click on the relevant section you can see all the currently pending requests, any resources attached to them, and you can upload images to all the requests you want to at the same time.

When we added CleartART/TV Thumbs/Season Thumbs any authors that weren't in our database we automatically generated an account, if you want to reclaim an account that was automatically generated just send me your email address and you will then be able to recover the password.

More information will be added in due course

Rules for submissions can be found here: http://fanart.tv/rules/

Music support:

A quick video to show what you can do with the music images from fanart.tv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd9T_C0CpcY

cdART: images should be 1000 x 1000px, if you can't find a decent image at this size consider creating one, I have attached a template PSD here: http://fanart.tv/resources/fanart-cd-template-v2.psd please use this in order to ensure consistant images

Artist Backgrounds: Images should be 1920 x 1080px, they should also be of very high quality, we don't want to add crap quality images.

Album covers: This is currently set at 1000 x 1000px

Music ClearLOGOs: Same rules as for their TV siblings

There is a facebook style chat bar at the bottom of the site for logged in users, feel free to hit us up there or on IRC on #fanart.tv on Undernet

Kode Wrote:Designers wanted!!
Ok, some of you may have followed the old clearlogos thread and know I'd been waiting a while to make this site, waiting for Sranshaft to do some designs for me, they never materialised and he's never on my IM to bug about it, so in the end I just jumped in myself, looked at some sites I liked, borrowed some ideas from here and there (thanks trakt.tv ;P) used a similar colour scheme to PhoneShop and arrived at where we are now.

However, I'm a developer, not a designer, trying to design as well as develop is really slowing down progress, and it's starting to show, the header section is getting cluttered and things aren't flowing as well as they should/could.

So this is a callout to any talented designers out there that might want to get involved.

Find a part of the site that could be done better, come up with some cool ideas, send me a PM with a mockup and your IM details (I can do, in order of preference, gtalk / msn / facebook chat), if you can't do IM still feel free to PM me, but i'd prefer people I can speak to over IM as email/PM is just too slow and disjointed.
Get and request your ClearLOGOs / ClearART / TV Thumbs / Season Thumbs / Music ClearLOGOs / cdART / Artist Backgrounds / CD Covers from fanart.tv
I wanted to mention that much like clearlogos we'll be expecting a higher quality in the clearart added to the site. We'll be preserving the majority of the older clearart from days past, but we won't be allowing anymore subpar work to be added simply for the sake of "something is better than nothing". These items should be done correctly or not at all.

When I get a chance the revised clearart rules we come up with will be posted here as well as on fanart.tv.
good to know that you're both handling this project Wink
Great to see that. You guys did an amazing job.

2 questions though :
- Did you get the images already on xbmcstuff ? I saw some of my work here Big Grin
(I just need to know if I need to re-upload everything, or if you guys already did it Wink )
- One thing that was really useful in xbmcstuff was the check thing. You could select some items and then download them all in one .zip. Think you could implement something like that ?
Personally I can't really take any credit for the work, Kode did all that.
I did however reply to a few instant messages when I wasn't working or sleeping. ^_^

We're currently trying to do an import from xbmcstuff which includes preservation of the authors names. The file structure on their site is a bit of a mess so it's going to take some work to get it right. If you happen to find that your work isn't attributed to you let us know and once things are in place we'll make sure you can mark it as such. Everything is a work in progress currently so bear with us.

As for the multi-download I'm not sure if that's something we're going to do mostly due to the fact that there are now download scripts available (but may need to be updated) for xbmc to do this without the need for such functionality. However Kode will have the final say on that topic as he's the main behind the curtain. :p
i'm waiting kode to finish to update xbmc's script Wink
Maxoo: As hikaricore said things are a work in progress, multi downloads would be fairly easy to implement, so I will have a look at implementing it.

If an image is attributed then there is an account set up, I had a quick look and it looks like you had registered on lockstockmods. Anyone who was on lockstockmods and had contributed any art was automatically migrated to fanart.tv

You might need to see if there are any missing, the file structure was a mess.

I'm hoping with the API that it will be easy for people to implement some cool features to enhance the community.

Most of the images should be correctly attributed, in order to do that authors that weren't already on the fanart site were automatically created with a fake email and a random password, so if anyone wants access to their account created like this pm me your email address and I'll change it which will allow you to do a recover password.

If anyone has suggestions for features they think would be good let me know and I'll see what I can do.
Get and request your ClearLOGOs / ClearART / TV Thumbs / Season Thumbs / Music ClearLOGOs / cdART / Artist Backgrounds / CD Covers from fanart.tv
This site looks great! Is there a scrapeable API that's being used/planned? It would be cool to have built in scraper support in XBMC to here.
thegamesdb.net - An open video games database.
scottbrant.net - Blog
ghostelement: http://fanart.tv/help/ details on the API are there, bear in mind though, only the ClearLOGOs bit is done so far, i'm working on the other bits right now

*edit* and by that i mean it only looks at the id and returns clearlogos, but give me 30mins and the types should work as well, ordering will take longer though

ppic: you might be interested in this, I added google analytics to the API which have been on just under 3 days and its been hit over 13,000 times Big Grin
Get and request your ClearLOGOs / ClearART / TV Thumbs / Season Thumbs / Music ClearLOGOs / cdART / Artist Backgrounds / CD Covers from fanart.tv
API is done, i've changed it to fanart.php so that getart.php can still handle requests from the old method.

by default all images by id are brought back, so if you do http://fanart.tv/api/fanart.php?id=79501 all the images for heroes are brought back listed in the format:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<fanart show="Heroes">
    <clearlogo url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/clearlogo/Heroes-79501.png"/>
    <clearart url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/clearart/H_79501 (2).png"/>
    <clearart url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/clearart/H_79501 (1).png"/>
    <clearart url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/clearart/H_79501 (0).png"/>
    <tvthumb url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/tvthumb/H_79501.jpg"/>
    <tvthumb url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/tvthumb/H_79501 (4).jpg"/>
    <tvthumb url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/tvthumb/H_79501 (3).jpg"/>
    <tvthumb url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/tvthumb/H_79501 (2).jpg"/>
    <tvthumb url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/tvthumb/H_79501 (1).jpg"/>
    <tvthumb url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/tvthumb/H_79501 (0).jpg"/>
    <seasonthumb url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/seasonthumb/H_79501.jpg"/>
    <seasonthumb url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/seasonthumb/H_79501 (5).jpg"/>
    <seasonthumb url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/seasonthumb/H_79501 (4).jpg"/>
    <seasonthumb url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/seasonthumb/H_79501 (3).jpg"/>
    <seasonthumb url="http://fanart.tv/fanart/79501/seasonthumb/H_79501 (2).jpg"/>
Get and request your ClearLOGOs / ClearART / TV Thumbs / Season Thumbs / Music ClearLOGOs / cdART / Artist Backgrounds / CD Covers from fanart.tv
Guys, i did many cleararts in time, but i'm not satisfied with my photoshop skillz.
If you can make a short tutorial or you can give links to the ones that can help me, i'm more than eager to help. Somehow I can't get rid of the jagged edges of cleararts. i want to obtain perfect-smooth-solid color edges. All my methods failed me, however, with effort, i had some good looking cleararts, but i wanna do better (and faster). Any help will be appreciated.
Since these images aren't in core, is it possible to use a context menu dialog to select between multiple options when they're returned through the new api?

I know the script could do this, but the point of the script was to run an automated scan, primarily. In which case waiting for user input is kind of a bummer.

Does this mean there should be two scripts? One for batch downloading every show without a logo in the local TV db, and one for calling alacarte on a show level?

And if things are getting batch returned (which seems inevitable), can we request a feature on the new site to up- (and/or down-) vote logos/art so that if there are multiple options, the clear "best" one is returned?

How had you intended to handle multiple choices in this manner, Kode?
you can download it from info screen if skin support it, you can change and choose the logo you want
At the moment multiple logos are displayed by name, but thats not very reliable because of the naming convention on clearlogos (thinking of changing it if noone has any objections, currently its showname.png, showname-2.png, showname-3.png but - has a higher priority than . so ordering by name returns showname-2.png, showname-3.png, showname.png, thinking of changing showname.png to showname-1.png)

I'm planning on adding some kind or voting/favourite/rating system, not sure what yet though, any suggestions are welcome, then in the api you will be able to order by favourite. I can also add a limit option so it only returns a single results for each.

http://fanart.tv/help/ has some initial details on the API but bits may change.
Get and request your ClearLOGOs / ClearART / TV Thumbs / Season Thumbs / Music ClearLOGOs / cdART / Artist Backgrounds / CD Covers from fanart.tv
Is the search box functional? I have been trying to find $#*! My Dad Says, tvdb- 164951...I believe I've seen screenshots with people having that logo...

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