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Project Helix, a skin by FoxTC released

i'd like to thank chokemaniac for all his advise during the build of this skin. i'd also like to thank chaninja for a few of the icons. thanks guys...

updates will be available soon. i just need to come up with a good way of providing them to you all. dedicated site would be great, i'll see what i can do.

known bugs in current release:

1. system info - doesn't work

i spotted this 5 mins after uploading release lol... oh well...
(quick fix: copy settingssysteminfo.xml from skin\project mayhem\pal16x9 into skin\project helix\pal16x9) - i'm sure chokemaniac won't mind.

2. that's about it (i hope)...

i hope you all enjoy this skin,

very nice skin!  :kickass:

this skin has my favorite color too!  :o

too bad i don't have a wide screen tv Confused
nice skin
but im dont have a 16/9 tv
and there is 3 things that dont work for me
1. in the home screen there is no background picture (just black)
2. when i move to the off button there is only black screen and the menys

3. and i dont get those litle discs to choose with cd of a movie i want to se
(discs at top right corner of the screen when i have in stacked view)

hope there is a quick fix for this and how ?
but really great looking skin :thumbsup:
yeah, the background is missing on the home screen for me as well and i have pal 4:3.

great skin btw! Smile
i had to change
in home.xml in pal directory now i have the background

but i still get one error in my log file
error texture manager unable to load file: q:\skin\project helix\media\blue_rectangle_music.png

i get this error in all menys
thanks for the feedback so far guys! :thumbsup:

i will be launching a site for the skin soon and will post a new version with all these issues fixed.

i might need to contact some of you to help me reproduce some of these issues... i'm quite new to xbmc and i obviously haven't covered all the functionality yet.

thanks again...


for latest release that supports pal - ntsc - pal16x9 - ntsc16x9.


hope you like it everyone.

nice skin... jut helping with bugs here...

goto shutdown button then back to menu and graphics are gone other than that Smile
Still loving Kodi! MANY MANY years down the line... Well done guys!

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thanks for the feedback deanrparry.

to be honest i really don't know how to fix that one, i think it might be a bug in xbmc...

any help on this issue would be much appriciated.  :help:

thanks for all the comments so far...

website is now available where you can download the latest version.

it supports ntsc - pal - ntsc16x9 - pal16x9 :fixed:

as before any feedback would be much appriciated. :help:

site url:

foxtc...  :d
skin looks nice, but the website is broken. looks like you have a bad link to you navigation image.

very nice skin. i have release101.

i had to delete the ntsc folder so it would scale properly.

i have a ntsc 4x3 tv.

one suggestion, you might want to add your skin name to your downloads filename. Smile


edit: i'm using xbmc cvs jan 7, 2005.
For python coding questions first see
one thing im missing in this skin is when i have my videos in stacked view there is no disc to select with of the files to play

everything else works fine for me

nice jobb
small update available on website to fix the stacking bug.

thanks for all the positive feedback everyone :-)


small bug fix available...


tonight i will be uploading another update to improve the movie information screen. (it's a dialog now - like music information) Cool

keep the comments coming.   :thumbsup:


Project Helix, a skin by FoxTC released00