[LINUX] XBMC 10.0 bug in music artist scraping?
Ok after spending most of the day trying to figure this out I need some help...

Running 10.0 on Lucid for 2 days now and everything is perfect except the music department.

I have my music fully id3 tagged renamed in the following structure:
/music/artist name/album name/mp3's

Added the folder as a source and scanned everything into the library with the allmusic scraper. So far no problems and I have all my music in the library. Missing a couple of thumbs so I added those manually as folder.jpg.
Yesterday I found a couple of albums in a seperate folder so I added them as a seperate folder in the same music source. Updated the library and all of a sudden all of those 10 new albums have artist fanart! Something I have never seen before. Even the albums from Dutch artists have fanart, I like it. But the only way for me to get artist fanart for the rest off my collection is by updating every artist manually!! And that only works if I first go to change scraper and click on allmusic. It is allmusic by default but if I don't follow this process the scraper keeps asking for the artist name....
What the F is going on??

Somehow I got 10 albums to show up in my library in a perfect way but
I don't know how. If I look in the xbmc.log I see a lot of the following entries when I add new stuff into the music library:
"Parse: Could not find scraper function CreateArtistSearchUrl"

Any idea what is going on?
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This debug log shows what happens if I manually try to update artist info for 1 artist. The first time it does not work, after going to change scraper and clicking on allmusic it does work!


This is the log for adding 1 album and updating the library. Result is the new album with thumb and info but no artist info or fanart....
The album i added is U2 - How to dismantle an atomic bomb. Easier to search for that frase in the log....


18:27:51 T:2858666864 M:1324797952 DEBUG: FindArtistinfo: Searching for 'U2' using AllMusic scraper (file: '/home/xbmc/.xbmc/addons/metadata.albums.allmusic.com', content: 'albums', version: '2.0.1')
18:27:51 T:2858666864 M:1324797952 ERROR: Parse: Could not find scraper function CreateArtistSearchUrl
18:27:51 T:2858666864 M:1324797952 ERROR: Run: Unable to parse web site
Anybody?? Seems like a real bug....
After reading this thorough and through, I am none the wiser what you want to do and how you are going about it.

"Yesterday I found a couple of albums in a seperate folder so I added them as a seperate folder in the same music source"?!?

Albums don't have fanart btw.
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have same issue - artist scraper currently empty. Needs to be manually put to Allmusic.
Allmusic is for the folder and as general rule the default scraper. However, individual artists stay empty.
Anybody who knows how to set the scraper for all artists to allmusic - much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance for any help.
Same issue here, all my artist and albums are being recognized by Allmusic scraper but the scraper is not automatically downloading the artist fanart and thumb I have to go to each individual artist manually and refresh my search and then the fanart and thumb is picked up and added to the arist.....my database is too large to have to do this manually. Anybody have an idea of what is going on
You guys may want to take a look at settings:
Download additional information during updates
Dear Olympia, Dear JJ, dear Vascular

Thanks for feedback O, and JJ/V you encouraged me I am not alone.
I had some time to systematically check out stuff. Download additional info during scan was set, and was not the reason.

Please find below the way to the solution.

As I was new and enthusiastic, when setting up I included the Last.fm and other artist and album scrapers - I thought that was interesting to play with. It worked on Album. But Artist as default was somehow empty, from the beginning, no matter which scraper I was chosing.
I decided to uninstall systematically all artist scrapers. Guess what - I could not uninstall the Last FM scraper. The uninstall button was gray. Hence I decided to reinstall XBMC, and this time without any addn artist scrapers, or album scrapers. And guess what - Allmusic scraper did stick as default scraper, and the system started to download all artist information.

Hence the root cause hypothesis is the last.fm artist scraper who somehow bugs that another scraper can be set by default, and even last.fm cannot be set by default. (I have not taken the time to reproduce the incident).

The solution is to install XBMC without last.fm scrapers. (I will not test for the moment any other scrapers, although I would be tempted to have more).

Hope this is interesting as anecdote. I am totally fan of XBMC, mainly because of the allmusic scraping option.

Many thanks for help and best regards
Got the same problem here, I uninstalled lastfm add-ons, but still every artist isn't associated to allmusic scraper, even if it is the defaut in the music settings. I deleted all library, re-scan, no change, it's like there is no default scraper ?!

If I edit the artist scraper manually, set it to allmusic, and refresh artist info, it's Ok, but no way to do it for all the artists (or didn't find how to do that), just one at a time, which is not really an option Big Grin

Isn't there a way to fix that somewhere (conf file ? db ?) without having to reinstall xbmc and restart from scratch ?

Any hints is welcome.

After deleting the MyMusic db file (and not only delete the sources and library data from xbmc), and re-scan medias, all seems Ok now.
I don't know if you tried this, but changing the scraper on the up on level or up arrow, will change the scraper for all of the albums (assuming you are in album folder in your library). If you had already done this and still had to perform the work around, just ignore this post.

Cheers.Big Grin
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