[MOD] Advance Game Launcher Views
Here is my first try at anything skinning related. I added a new view to the files view mode inspired on the WELO view. It works great with the advanced launcher plugin
The view does not mess with any other Views. So far I've only implemented square thumbnails if you have any requests I'll gladly fulfill them.

Current version screenshots:

Square Thumbs:
Wide Thumbs+Wide Fanart:
Wide Thumbs+Square Fanart:



- Go to your XBMC addons folder (c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\xbmc\addons)
- Locate skin.shade
- Unrar the ModGames.rar file inside skin.shade (it should overwrite 3 or 4 files it's fine)

Now if you go to the Advanced Games Launcher (or Executor or vanilla launcher) FROM the Addons menu it should be working. Home Screen shorctuts won't work. Keep reading to fix that.

If you use the Home Screen icons it won't work due to a bug (or design decision) on the original skin. You can fix that by editing guisettings.xml (should be located on c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\xbmc\)

You need to find this setting:
<setting type="string" name="skin.shade.VideoButtonPath_1">ActivateWindow([color=Red][b]videofiles[/b][/color],plugin://plugin.program.advanced.launcher)</setting>

And change it to:
<setting type="string" name="skin.shade.VideoButtonPath_1">ActivateWindow([b][color=Red]programs[/color][/b],plugin://plugin.program.advanced.launcher)</setting>

Revision 0.3:

- Added 2 new views for wide thumbs (Wide thumbs + wide fanart and wide thumbs + 4:3 fanart)

Revision 0.2:

- Redid the panel view so it matches Movie Posters 2 view. I use square icons so if anyone needs support for vertical or horizontal posters let me know.

Revision 0.1:


- Added grid view
- Fixed tittle overlapping with studio in Welo view

Initial Release:


Any suggestions, ideas, etc are welcome. I'm looking in a panel wall view for the same launcher ATM
Oh as a side note, you need to modify guisettings.xml entries of your home shortcut buttons, they launch by default on video library mode, they should launch as programs if it was a programs plugin, so change this:

<setting type="string" name="skin.shade.VideoButtonPath_1">ActivateWindow(videofiles,plugin://plugin.program.advanced.launcher)</setting>


<setting type="string" name="skin.shade.VideoButtonPath_1">ActivateWindow(programs,plugin://plugin.program.advanced.launcher)</setting>
Looks great! Seems to be a big request on the advanced launcher MOD, i've done it for Aeon. (see signature MOD Fanart in launcher plugin) works aswell with the Advanced Launcher!
Anyway keep the great Job!
Yay thanks!! it's my first time contributing to...anything so it's exciting!

Yes it works with both launchers too, it's plugin agnostic since it's only a mod to the file views.

I plan to add different views now that it's independent from the Fileview, I'd like feedback from the skin author to try to reach the same style tho.

I'm now looking inside the skin to correct the behavior I talked about on the second post but that seems a bit more complicated, adding settings, etc.

Redid the panel view so it matches Movie Posters 2 view. I use square icons so if anyone needs support for vertical or horizontal posters let me know.

Some screenshots:



Updated, 2 new views for wide thumbs (with wide fanart and 4:3 fanart)
Interesting mods fr500. I'll likely have to give these a try in the future. Any plans to work towards getting these integrated with the skin itself (as that would be excellent!)?

Take care and thank you!
Integrating into the skin is not for me to decide as it's not my skin but I'm working on some big mods that might branch/fork the skin appart (I still have to ask for permission)

Lil teaser: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/149537/screensho...hot001.png

If you have any requests for this views or any help I'm glad to help
FYI, after installing, placing the files in the 720 folder overwriting the shade files wiped out the proper font. the home page text, among others are not displaying properly anymore...
have to reinstall Shade now...
You don't need to overwrite the whole shade folder, this only has XML files you only need to unzip the contents on the 720p folder and that's it. These are only 3 files and it works just fine just tested on a clean installation. Sorry for the inconvenience but I think you might have made a mistake
Links are dead. Does anybody have a mirror?
Woops sorry deleted the files form my dropbox, I'll see what I can do
Yea, if you could add them back, I'd like to give it a shot. Thanks!
What is it the word means?
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